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New Prosperity and Productivity funding available update

2nd December 2021

Continuing from the previous release on the Farming Investment Fund, it is important that I bring your attention to the other schemes within the New Prosperity and Productivity Fund in which DEFRA have released to work alongside the Environmental Land Management Scheme (ELM) as part of the Agricultural Transition Plan (ATP). 

The Agricultural Transition Plan (ATP) has certainly still proven to be an open field with still very little clarification on funding that is going to be available within years to come up to 2027 in replacement of the BPS payment. The continued work and support of DEFRA is where I believe Farmers and Land Managers are going to benefit extensively, especially in the current state of affairs in which the Government lie in. DEFRA are working hard on not only what they can do to help, the upmost currently. Also, the “Tests and Trials” they are running to help Farmers and Land Manager prepare and plan for what the future may hold in becoming more sustainable.

The New Prosperity and Productivity Funding Scheme is something that DEFRA have been working with English Farmers and Land Managers particularly. This funding scheme, which particularly is looking directly towards planning for the future and the response to which farmers can have in developing, not only the way they farm but the whole business. A key role to which the New Prosperity and Productivity funding available is not only to support existing technologies and research programmes but to help innovate and develop them further to result in a more sustainable approach. Again, these are open to a wide range of stakeholders of the land and surrounding areas.

DEFRA, within this new funding have made available 4 different schemes in which you can apply for funding through. These being: –

  • Future Farming Resilience Fund
  • Farming Investment Fund- Equipment & Technology, and Transformation
  • Innovation Research and Development Scheme
  • New Entrant Support Scheme

The Future Farming Resilience is still much a developing funding scheme, in which so far only has been allocated to 19 organisations from a Government competition, March 2021. As a result of this £10.7 million has been rewarded to those 19 firms in leu of the BPS payment which can be either used as advice and/or support for businesses that are dependent on the BPS payment. 

In current circumstances of the economy and starting up, the increased price of machinery used within the agricultural industry has left it that many new and upcoming people have less of an opportunity to access and gain entrance to the agricultural sector. With DEFRA bringing in the New Entrant Support Scheme, which aims to help support and encourage new starters into farming, we may begin to see a change within the agricultural sector. From new ideas being brought in the industry is bound to become more adaptable to the demands of the consumer, which in the long term will benefit British agriculture from relying on imports less, eventually becoming the more sustainable body in which DEFRA want to achieve. Although currently we have very little information regarding the financial support in place, the scheme is set to open in 2022 and end in 2024. More information is due to be released soon.

For a while now Farmers and Land managers have seen the constant pressure and reminder to “move with the times” adapting to the shift in the agricultural industry, especially with the equipment, technology and infrastructure which is put in place for them to use. This transformation is encouraged to develop into a more sustainable approach helping with the main focus of climate change and environmental and animal welfare. DEFRAs aim is very much supported by the Farming Investment Fund- Equipment & Technology, and Transformation working towards benefiting the environment through funding projects as  shown in last week’s blog, “What is available in the Farming Investment Fund?”

DEFRA have made it a priority to include within the Agricultural Transition Plan (ATP) a way to develop the agricultural industry. This is reflected in the Innovation Research & Development Scheme which allows Farmers and other Land managers the chance through Innovation and Research increase the overall output of their farm. Factors leading to the increase in output is increase in productivity and sustainability, as a result of producing things that are “good for the environment, good for water quality, good for air quality, good for biodiversity, good for climate and good for beauty and natural heritage”.  This scheme is open from 2022, onwards, with more clarity soon to be released.

Through continuous work within the grants being made available from DEFRA, its is certainly very exciting to see what is on offer for farmers and such Land managers to access and develop further into future years. I especially feel that the New Prosperity and Productivity Funding available is a reassuring way for in which Farmers and other Stakeholders can rely on and for planning and other forecasting purposes. As well as also sourcing as a part of income which can be accessed every year, at differing points dependent on the grants. Personally, this funding available is exciting as you never know what it is going to bring to the industry, and from being a small grant could generate into a new and developed way of farming, helping sustainability, being able to carry on meeting the demand of the consumers.

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