Natural Capital

What is natural capital?

The worlds stock of natural resources which includes geology, soils, water and all living organisms.

What is biodiversity net gain?

Is an approach to development that leaves biodiversity in a better state than before the development.

How does this affect Landowner/Farmer?

Do you have land that is:

  • Bare land
  • Hedgerows 
  • Woodlands
  • Water courses
  • Species rich grassland
  • Or any other land which you think has high bio-diversity

Register your interest with us now as there are some really exciting opportunities for new income streams by helping deliver biodiversity net gain.

After listening to Jeremy Moody, CAAV secretary and advisor at the CAAV conference held in Birmingham on the 1st December 2021, Jeremy reiterated the exciting opportunities ahead, although advised form the lack of market carbon information currently to delay initial eagerness to react to fast. This is as a result of queries being raised such as tax implication on the market itself.

Sales opportunities

Recently we have seen the increase in demand of blocks of woodland. On average these blocks of woodland have sold at £16,000 per acre.

However, we advise a carbon assessment is undertaken before selling to establish any carbon potential it may have.

How does this affect developers?

We understand how difficult it is to meet your demand with regards to meeting biodiversity net gain requirements following the introduction of the environmental bill which has become more stringent.

Register your interest with us for potential offsetting sites.

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