Basic Payment Scheme Entitlements

We know Entitlements are a confusing matter for those new to BPS, but here at Roger Parry & Partners we have the knowledge and expertise to make sure you’re in the best position when it comes to BPS to ensure you are maximising your claim each year. For advice about English or Welsh entitlements please contact Amy Thomas on 01938 554499 who will guide you through the process.

Entitlements – What are they?

In order to claim Basic Payment Scheme you need to own Entitlements. For example, if you have 10 hectares of land to claim on then you need to own 10 Entitlements, which you then get paid on after submission of the claim each May. If you have 10 hectares but only hold 9 Entitlements then even if you put all 10 hectares of your land on the claim form, you will only get paid for 9 hectares. Sometimes if you take on a tenancy the matching number of Entitlements will be given to you at the same time, but sometimes land is leased in or bought without Entitlements so these need to be bought elsewhere. This is where we come in. With a range of English Entitlements and Welsh Entitlements we are able to cater to your needs and find the right entitlements for you.

Contact us for the best advice to suit your situation.

Types of entitlements:

  • English Non Severely Disadvantaged Area (Non SDA)
  • English Severely Disadvantaged Area (SDA)
  • English Severely Disadvantaged Area Moorland
  • Welsh Standard

Trading is now OPEN for Welsh and English Entitlements

Below you will find details of the Entitlements we currently have for sale. Updated 10th May 2023.


TypeAmountAsking PriceVAT Registered Seller


AmountAsking priceVAT Registered Seller

All purchases are subject to VAT at 20% unless stated otherwise.