Sustainable Farming Scheme (SFI)

Sustainable Farming Scheme (SFI)

Roger Parry & Partners have over 40 years of experience in agricultural subsidy schemes and we endeavour to stay informed and knowledgeable about the fast-changing world of subsidies to ensure our clients get the best possible advice for their business.

What is the SFI?

The Sustainable Farming Scheme (SFI) is a new scheme for farmers in England and has been open for applications since autumn 2023. The scheme comprises of a range of Actions which farmers can chose from to manage thier land.

When can I apply for the SFI?

The scheme is open for applications all year round

How much money will I get paid for the SFI?

The amount you get paid will depend on how many Actions you put on your land. For example, LIG1 Low Input grassland will pay £151/hectare, and having Herbal Leys will pay £382/hectare.

Can I apply for SFI if the land is in a Mid Tier agreement?

Yes, you can have an SFI agreement and a CS Mid Tier agreement on the same land, as long as the Options in the Mid Tier and Actions in the SFI don’t conflict with each other, or you’re getting paid for the same thing in each scheme.

Are there any Capital Works grants in the SFI?

No, but there are a huge range of grants available in the Countryside Stewardship Capital Grants scheme. See the list here CS Capital Grants Finder

How long does an SFI agreement last?

The agreement is 3 years long, but you can add more Actions into your agreement on the anniversary of the agreement start date every year.

Will there be any more Actions to chose from in future?

Yes. In Summer 2024 (date TBC) there will be a further 50 Actions to chose from. These can be added to existing agreements if you’re already in the scheme.

How do I apply for the SFI scheme?

The full guidenace can be found here or alternatively contact us for assistance with your application and advice about the suitability for your farm business.

Do I need Entitlements to claim the SFI?

No, there is no longer any need to have entitlements and all entitlements have been extinguished in England.