Why have a survey?

Do you know what you are buying?

Research has found that, on average, homebuyers, who don’t have a survey, spend over £5,500 on unexpected repair work, after purchasing a home. A survey provides a detailed schedule of condition and potential defects likely to affect the existing value and future saleability of the property you are purchasing.

Common defects detected in surveys include subsidence, damp, dry/wet rot, roof faults, and Japanese Knotweed. In addition to structural defects, a survey can also assist your solicitor in finding potential legal issues, relating to the property.

Roger Parry & Partners are a firm of chartered surveyors offering a range of property surveys to suit your requirements. Our RICS-accredited property surveyors have the experience and local knowledge necessary for producing high-quality, detailed and informative reports. As well as assisting you in choosing the appropriate survey and providing a written report, your assigned surveyor will be on hand to verbally discuss the report with you, as well as advise on any further queries you may have. Our guidance and support will assist you in deciding whether the property is a viable purchase and can help prevent unexpected post-purchase costs.

We offer three types of home survey, each designed to provide an increasing level of detail: