Delinked Payments

Some farmers will be eligible to claim BPS Delinked Payments in 2024-2027, and some will not. Those who aren’t eligible will be able to sell their Delinked Payment to someone who is eligible.

The deadline for transferring your Delinked Payment is 10th May 2024. To find out more about Delinked Payments read here.

We have a number of clients with Delinked Payments to sell. To find out if you’re eligible to buy these payments, which will increase your annual income between 2024 and 2027, please get in touch for advice.

If you want to sell a delinked payment and would like to find out more please get in touch wth your nearest Roger Parry & Partners office.

We have the following Delinked Payments to sell. To submit your offer for these payments please call Clare Williams on 01938 554499.

  1. Our ref MORG016 –        Delinked Payments Reference Amount: £5110.99 (Total Reference Data £15332.96) Guide £3060 (VAT tbc)
  2. Our ref 2868 –                  Delinked Payments Reference Amount: £557.39 (Total ref data £1672.16). Guide £330 (VAT tbc)
  3. Our ref 2751 –                  Delinked Payments Reference Amount: £ 4940.70 (Total Ref Data £14822.10). Guide £2960 (VAT tbc)