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Grants for Milk Recording

25th July 2017

The Welsh Government has released a grant for Dairy farmers in Wales to carry out milk recording, or receive money towards a milk recording contract already in place.

Funding from the Welsh Government will provide at least £750 per farmer to pay for a new Milk Recording contract or towards an existing contract. The aim is to give farmers a clearer view of individual cow milk records to enable better management decisions and increased profitability.

Clare Jerman, Chartered Surveyor in our Welshpool office says “It is clear that the Welsh Government are looking to change the way in which money is administered to farmers. This last 12 months has seen grant money become available to farmers in a number of different ways which help benefit the farm by helping them become more profitable instead of simply direct payments. This emphasis on improving the business profitability will surely help as we look to the future where direct payments are on shaky ground.”

“Looking back to 2014 when the Welsh Government decided to move 15% of the money from Pillar 1 (Direct Payments) to Pillar 2 (Rural Development funding), the highest in the UK, it is about time farmers begin to see some of this money”.

The grant is available for Milk Recording Contracts where samples for individual cows are taken at least 4 times a year, either by the farmer or assisted. The deadline for applications is 19th August with payments being made to farmers in September. The payment is guaranteed to be at least £750, but the exact amount will depend on the number of applicants to the grant.

For more information please contact Clare Jerman in our Welshpool office on 01938 554499 or