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Grants for Hedges in HLS schemes

27th February 2020

Did you know…
… the HLS rules have changed in the Hedgerow and Boundaries grant scheme?
Previously anyone in a Higher Level Stewardship (HLS) agreement was unable to access the Hedgerow and Boundaries Grant, but this has now been relaxed.
The grant is open for agricultural land in England and includes grant funding for hedge laying, coppicing, and stone wall restoration. Once approved, applicants have 2 years to carry out the work in their agreement.
How much can I claim?
Up to £10,000 can be claimed in each window
Stone-faced bank repair £31/m
Stone-faced bank restoration £86/m
Earth bank restoration £7/m
Hedgerow laying £9.40/m
Hedgerow coppicing £4/m
Hedgerow gapping-up £9.50/m
Hedgerow supplement – Casting up £3/m
Hedgerow supplement – top binding & staking £3.40/m
Stone wall restoration £25/m
Stone wall – top wiring £3.60/m
Stone wall supplement – stone from quarry £44/m
Planting standard hedgerow tree £8.80 per tree
Landowners and Tenants must have control of the land for the full 2 year agreement. Land within a Mid Tier, Higher Tier or UELS Scheme is not eligible (except a Mid Tier Wildlife agreement)
Think Ahead
It’s important to plan ahead too. Feilds within a Hedgerow and Boundaries agreement can’t be included in a Mid Tier scheme until the 2 year scheme has finished, so think long term about future subsidies and agri-environment payments.
Key Dates
Deadline for applications – Friday 1st May 2020
Agreement approved – From July (Do not start any work until your agreement approval has come through)
Where do I find out more information?
Roger Parry & Partners have succesfully submitted and had approvals for a number of Hedgerow and Boudnaries Grant applications and are best placed to advise you of your eligibility.
Contact one of our advisors for more information:
Clare Williams 01938 554499 / 01686 449222
Rosina Bloor 01691 655334
Amy Thomas 01743 791336 / 01938 554499