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Top Tips for Selling your Home

20th February 2020

Fiona Reuter, our Residential and Lettings Agent for our Llanidloes Office has listed her top 5 ideas to make sure your home is in tip top condition and ready for those all important viewings.


  • First Impressions— these are very important. Make sure your home has “kerb appeal” by keeping the front of the house clean and tidy, mow the grass, hide any bins etc.
  • Declutter— removing excess items that may be filling up a room will automatically give the feeling of space. It also helps a buyer to envisage the potential of your property.
  • No Pets—it is recommended that for viewings your family pet is out of the house, either with a neighbour or a friend. Animals in the house could potentially move attention away from the house, or in some cases the viewers may be allergic or afraid.
  • Smells—avoid cooking foods with strong flavours prior to a viewing. Ensure that any odours have been neutralised. At the other end of the spectrum, some believe that the smell of fresh coffee or baked bread can give a home a more welcoming feel.
  • Friendly, Professional & Accommodating—make the potential buyers feel welcome into your home. Ensure that the best features of your property are highlighted, answer any questions they might have, and give those viewing space to look around themselves should they wish to.