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Farm Business Grant re-opens for applications 2nd March 2020

28th February 2020

Am I eligible?

To be eligible you must be farming more than 3 hectares (7.14 acres) and have a turnover of less than £1 million. Further eligibilty criteria apply, but those are the main two.

What are the timescales?
Farm Business Grant re-opens for applications 2nd March and closes on Friday 10th April 2020. Items must be bought within 120 days (approximatly 4 months) of being offered the grant.

What can I apply for?
Items such as boreholes, sheep handling facilities, pasture plate meters, electric fence energiser, plate heat exchangers, fuel tanks, slurry separators, are available. You can only apply for items from this list. See the full list here

How much is the Farm Business Grant funding?
The funding is 40% of the items. The item value is listed in the Rules booklet and you will get 40% of that, no matter what you actually pay for it.

You can apply for between £3,000 and £12,000 of grant, meaning your total spend will be between £7,500 and £30,000. If you have applied in previous rounds but not used all your £12,000, then you can apply again but only until you have reached your £12,000 limit.

Can I apply for the Farm Business Grant if I only farm England?

No. However, the Countryside Productivity Small Grant Scheme is very similar. It’s not open at the moment, but is due to re-open at some point in 2020 so keep an eye out. Cross-border farmers can apply to both, subject to meeting some requirements.

What do I need to do?
Please remember that in order to apply a business partner MUST have attended a Farming Connect Farming for the Future Event at one of the venues below (or have been in previous years).
3rd March – Llanrwst
5th March – Aberystwyth
10th March – Port Talbot
We’ve previously spoken to many people who have wanted to apply for the grant, but have missed out because they haven’t attended the event. To book on the Farming for the Future roadshow visit the Farming Connect website.

You can apply for the grant through your Rural Payments Wales account

For more information please contact one of our experienced advisors or see the grants section of our website

Clare Williams 01686 449222 / 01938 554499
Gail Jenkins 01686 449222 / 07498 717778
Tudor Watkins 01938 554499
Amy Thomas 01938 554499 / 01743 791336
Richard Corbett 01691 655334
Sion Williams 01691 655334