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What can I do if I can’t meet the Control of Agricultural Pollution Regulations?

22nd February 2024

All farmers in Wales should have completed their Control of Agricultural Pollution Workbooks and calculations by now, so should be well aware of their Nitrogen Holding Limit and if they need to act on it. A large number of our clients have had inspections from Natural Resources Wales (NRW) in recent months so we would encourage farmers to be as prepared as possible. When completing your workbook you will find out if your holding is over or under the 170kg nitrogen per hectare limit. If you are over you have various options open to you. The first is to apply to NRW to tell them you will be increasing the limit to 250kgN/ha. However, be aware that to be eligible you will need a Phosphate plan including soil samples of every 5 hectares of your land and this will need to be done by 31st March 2024. This derogation is in place for 2024 only, so you’d still need to get to 170kgN/ha in future.  Alternative options include reducing stock numbers, taking on extra land, and exporting slurry or farmyard manure to other farms. Opportunities have arisen for farmers who are under the holding limit to import nitrogen onto their holding with financial incentive, so if you think you have capacity to take on nitrogen please get it touch with your nearest Roger Parry & Partners office.