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Reminder issued to farmers to apply for the third and final round of Countryside Productivity Small Grants Scheme

30th October 2020

Final reminder issued to farmers to apply for the third round of the government’s Countryside Productivity Small Grants Scheme (CPSG) before applications close on Wednesday, 4 November 2020.

Farmers in England can apply for grants of between £3,000 and £12,000 towards the cost of buying equipment and technology to improve productivity on their farms. Those who were successful under the previous two rounds of the scheme are able to apply again for items not already funded. However, this is subject to them not exceeding the total £12,000 limit over all of their successful CPSG applications and having sufficient ‘headroom’ remaining to meet the £3,000 minimum for this third round.

To date, £35million has been allocated to farmers in the scheme’s first two funding rounds, with the final round bringing the total funding made available to £60million. New items added to the grant list this time include equipment that helps minimise soil compaction, monitor ammonia levels and increase precision when applying slurry.

Richard Corbett, Partner with Roger Parry & Partners, said, “The CPSG funding has proved to be extremely popular over the past two application rounds. Farmers only have until midday on 4 November to make an application for this third and final round. We are encouraging all our farming clients to prioritise their application. Having access to game-changing innovative technology can make a difference to the farming business and help boost productivity.”

The items eligible for this funding are listed in the Countryside Productivity Small Grants (CPSG) Handbook together with the ‘standard costs’ for each item. The CPSG funding covers up to 40% of the standard costs.

Richard added, “Roger Parry & Partners have had great success in submitting Grant Scheme applications on behalf of our clients, with applications last year amounting to over £190,000 of income for farmers and over £90,000 worth of Capital items. For more information about the Scheme and our assistance to apply please call our team of experts as soon as possible.”