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Landowners urged to consider ground source heat pumps

23rd May 2019

We are asking landowners if they have considered the benefits of installing a ground source heat pump system (GSHP) on their farm, as more and more sites across the UK are embarking on such lucrative projects.

Richard Corbett, Partner with Roger Parry & Partners said, “With the payback better than ever this is the perfect time for farmers to consider having a ground source heat pump system installed. The systems are an extremely energy efficient way to produce heat for the farm and farmers can benefit from lower energy bills of between 30-70%. The system would require planning permission but don’t worry our expert team of rural surveyors are always on hand to assist.”

Ground Source Heat Pump systems can generate up to four times the heat output for every unit of electricity input.  This makes them an extremely energy efficient way to produce heat for a farm.  Using a GSHP, farmers benefit from lower energy bills of between 30-70% versus using a traditional gas or electric boiler system.  For sites that use lots of heat in their operations, such as poultry farms, indoor crop growing and hay drying, a cheaper source of heat is a welcome way to cut energy costs.

Some GSHP schemes will give farmers a return on their investment within four years, whilst even a modest scheme will pay back within seven.  This is due to lower electricity bills and being able to take advantage of the Government’s Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme (RHI).

The Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) is a government environmental programme that provides businesses with financial incentives to increase their use and reliance on renewable heat sources.

Richard Corbett added, “The deadline by which landowners can apply to the RHI programme has been extended until March 2021 but we would not advise anyone to delay in making an application. For more information about the Renewable Heat Incentive programme and if you need our assistance to apply, please give me a call on 01691 655334 or email: richard@rogerparrynet. We will also help with any subsequent planning permission application.”