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Landowners reminded that Planning Permission is required for Biomass Boilers

17th April 2019

Landowners and farmers who have, or are considering installing, a Biomass Boiler are being reminded by rural surveyor, Roger Parry & Partners’ that they need to obtain planning permission.

Recent audits by OFGEM (Office of Gas & Electricity Markets) of Renewable Heat Installations (RHI) have requested copies of planning permission. If planning permission is not available at audit, RHI payments will be suspended until planning permission is available. Planning permission has always been a requirement for RHI accreditation, but until 22 May 2018 OFGEM had not required to see that permission.

Richard Corbett, Partner with Roger Parry & Partners said, “To avoid any disruption of cash flow derived from RHI subsidy income we would recommend to all those who have had a biomass boiler installed to make sure they have the correct planning permission in place immediately.”

There are two potential exceptions to having planning permission if you already have a Biomass Boiler:

a. It may be possible that the installation could qualify as permitted development (this would normally be the case for boilers under 45kW but has been applied to larger boilers in limited cases.)

b. Equipment that has been installed for more than four years may have ‘deemed’ planning permission. OFGEM will accept deemed planning permission but they will need to see proof that this is the case.

Richard Corbett added, “We appreciate that this news may come as an unpleasant surprise to those landowners who have already got a Biomass Boiler without obtaining planning permission. Don’t worry, our expert team of rural surveyors in Roger Parry & Partners are always on hand to offer advice and assistance.”

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