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April 2020 BPS & Grant Update

1st April 2020

Instead of meeting our clients this year, we’re available to talk through your claim over the phone or by video call. If we haven’t already, we’ll soon be in touch with you to discuss your claim. Do not worry. We’ll always prioritise BPS claims at this time of year and working from home will not stop us submitting correct and accurate BPS claims to help you maximise your claim.

BPS Submission Date:

At the time of writing, the BPS deadline for Wales has been extended to 15th June, but England is still 15th May 2020. The deadline for submission of entitlement transfers remains at 30th April in Wales (although we assume this may change too) and 15th May in England. Contact Clare on 01686 449222 for Entitlement Sales and Purchases.


Both England and Wales have confirmed that the 2 and 3 Crop Diversification Rules will NOT apply in 2020. You therefore do not need to calculate your crop percentage split. This is a welcome relief for farmers after the recent floods and uncertainty.


RPA England has paused all inspections and Rural Payments Wales are not starting any new ones.

Welsh Grants:

Farm Business Grant: Open for applications until 10th April 2020

Glastir Woodland Creation: Open for applications until 12th June 2020

English Grants:

Mid Tier Countryside Stewardship: Open for applications until 31st July 2020

Hedgerow and Boundaries Grant: Open for applications until 1st May 2020

England Small Grants Deadline Extension: The Deadline to purchase and submit the claim for existing Countryside Productivity Small Grant Claims has been extended from 31st May to 31st July. The scheme is expected to re-open to new applicants later in 2020. Dates to be confirmed.

For help or advice please contact us on the numbers below, or visit our dedicated Grant Update webpage

Tudor Watkins 07710 522558

Richard Corbett 01691 655334

Clare Williams 01686 449222

Gail Jenkins 07498 717778