Woodland Grant Scheme - England

The Woodland Creation Grant is now open for applications in England. The scheme is based on one-off payments for a series of capital grants for tree planting and associated tree protection items. If successful, the applicant will have 2 years to complete the capital works and a further 3 months to make their final payment claim for items.

Capital Items Available





  Tree Planting



  Individual Tree Shelter






  Sheep Netting



  Rabbit Fencing Supplement



  Fencing supplement – difficult site



  Deer Fencing



  Wooden field gate or wooden wings



  Badger gate



  Water gates



  Top Wiring – Stone Wall



  Small Leaky Woody Dam (1-3m)


The minimum area of land to be included in an application must be at least 1ha with planting rate of 400 trees per ha. The maximum payment an applicant can apply for is capped at £6,800 per ha.

To be eligible, the land must not already by under a Rural Development Programme. The land used for planting will need to be identified as non-agricultural with the RPA but will still be eligible for BPS payments.

If you would like guidance on putting a scheme together, please contact your nearest office for advice.