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Increased Payment Rates for Woodland Creation in Wales

25th May 2023

The Welsh Government have announced increased payment rates for planting of new trees under their Woodland Creation schemes.

This is driven by thier target to plant 86 million trees by 2030 and the new rates have increased to reflect actual costs in 2023. Payments range from £3302 per hectare to £6170 per hectare. There is also a maintenance payment of up to £400/ha and a payment for compensation for loss of agricultural land of £350/ha for 12 years.

The Small Grants Woodland Creation is open soon for applications and gives grant aid towards small areas of tree planting on land between 0.1 hectare and 2 hectares (0.25 acres – 5 acres).

The scheme also pays for fencing and gates to be installed around tree planting areas. The payment rates are:

  • fencing – £8.32 per metre
  • deer fencing (from window 3) – £11.93 per metre
  • timber bridle gate and posts – £220.83 each
  • timber kissing gate and posts – £237.80 each 

The opening dates for applications are 24th July until 15th September.

For assistance applying please contact us.

Welshpool: 01938 554499

Llanidloes: 01686 449222

Carmarthen: 07498 717778

Oswestry: 01691 655334