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Countryside Stewardship- Capital Grants

10th February 2022

On February 8th, 2022, DEFRA also released an update to the Countryside Stewardship scheme, including the opening of Mid-Tier, Wildlife offer, Higher Tier and the Capital Grants Scheme. These all now being opened to apply for from 8th February working in line with the 3 main aims of the Countryside Stewardship scheme;

  • Increase biodiversity, improve habitats, and expand woodland
  • Improve water quality
  • Improve air quality

The Capital Grant scheme that has opened, is open all year round to apply for, with no current application deadline. Which is split into 3 groups.

  • Boundaries, trees, and orchards
  • Water quality
  • Ari quality

Farmers can submit applications for multiple items in the same groups as well as other groups, with the maximum funding available up to £60,000 with a limit of £20,000 in each induvial group.

Grant Items include;

Boundaries, Trees and Orchards

  • Hedgerow gapping-up
  • Planting new hedges
  • Wooden field gate

Water Quality

  • Fencing (sheep netting and electric)
  • Livestock and machinery hardcore tracks
  • Roofing of livestock gathering and slurry store
  • Concrete yard renewal

Air Quality

  • Automatic slurry scrapers
  • Supply and plant a tree

For further information on the funding available through the countryside stewardship scheme, please contact:- and or call

Oswestry Office- 01691 655334

Welshpool Office – 01938 554499

Shrewsbury Rural Office – 01743 791336

Llanidloes Office – 01686 449222