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Countryside Stewardship- Protection and Infrastructure

3rd March 2022

With the vast amount of change currently nationally, with the Agricultural Transition Period but also when you look internationally to the uncertainty of Ukraine. This coming as one of the largest political shocks to many markets in the World, especially across Europe particularly to the agricultural markets. By only looking at the Grain sector of the agricultural market for example, 24% of world exports originate from Ukraine and Russia. Current actions of the past few days with the conflict still going predominately in the East of Ukraine as it stands, we see the largest proportion of Ukraine’s cereal production of wheat, barley and sunflowers stemming from the East of Ukraine, this not only presenting an initial problem or the shortage but will also see prices rise to an extraordinary level, as already demonstrated with the wheat price for example.

For farmers who haven’t sold their cereals for example already this year, this may come as a great bonus, as the predicted UK feed Wheat prices are expected to reach £235.25 per tonne. But as we look to the following years with agriculture being a constant cycle, the prices for everything else, including all the inputs (fertiliser, fuel, seed etc.)  are expected to rise further. This again not helped by the uncertainty and direction on the invasion as well as other economic events.

The use of the Government Countryside Stewardship schemes will become even more fundamental with this in mind, which will at least lead to increased funding in some areas, which can help support areas, where the budgeted money for that can help purchase other inputs for the overall process of growing crops. This has all got to be kept in mind but also the increase in demands by the government for the agricultural industry to become Net Zero, increasing the pressure once again. Looking at the Protection and Infrastructure grant, a standalone grant which opened on 8th February 2022. This is a 2-year grant which is there to help support to create Woodland Infrastructure, which offer 40% of the whole cost of the project, to help support the planting and maintenance of new woodland and the management of existing woodland.  

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