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Are you Halloween Ready?

26th October 2021

Are you Halloween Ready?

It is that time of year that is like Marmite, you either love it or hate it!

Halloween is the American holiday that we Brits are embracing more and more each year. With fancy dress, elaborate decorations and enough sweets to give you diabetes in one day. I myself, am a huge fan! I love decorating the house, dressing up and getting those all-important face paints out! Having children is a great excuse to get involved and be a kid again.

Some people are not so keen on our adopted holiday and prefer to draw the curtains, turn the lights off and disconnect the doorbell.

Here is our fun guide on making your home Halloween ready!

Its all about the front door!

Instagram and Pinterest have made us all obsessed with our front doors! They have never been so beautifully dressed with wreaths, colour, matching pots and arches made from balloons or foliage. The celebrities are also involved, Stacey Solomon and her sister, Frankie Bridge as well as several bloggers and influencers. Its all the rage!

Make your door your focal point! I have made mine into a monster with some big googley eyes!

Pumpkin patch

There is no Halloween without a few pumpkins! It’s a great day out with the kids too, visit your local pumpkin patch and let them choose their favourite. It also helps the local businesses that have spent a long time growing and picking them ready for October. A selection of different sizes and colours is great and of course you need ones to carve!

Why not try something different and paint a pumpkin instead. It can be a pattern or a character. I will be painting mine to look like Jack and Sally from the Nightmare Before Christmas to match my children’s costumes! It also means that they last so you can use them for soup or pumpkin pie after!

Baby when the lights go out

You can have so much fun with lighting if you are not keen on all the decorations! Fairy lights, disco lights and even lightening strobe lights! Outside lights are also great for when your little Halloween visitors come so that they can see where they are going and you can see their fantastic costumes!

Lucky Dip

If you are one of those people that isn’t keen but wants to do a little something, then a mystery box is a great idea. Find a medium sized cardboard box and cut a round hole in the top. Cover the box in a black bag and decorate to your own tastes. Fill the box with goodies and maybe the odd plastic spider or two so the ghouls and girls can pick their treats out… if they are brave enough!! It also means you can enjoy your evening in piece without having to get up to answer the door.

If you are concerned about Covid, another idea is to hang little bags of sweets to a string for them to take off themselves and avoid too much contact and is a bit of fun!


Halloween is a time for the grown ups to have fun too! There are some fantastic costumes out there and you can make it a family affair, The Addams Family? Skeleton family? Witches or the characters from another of your favourite films. If you don’t fancy a costume then a simple face paint is great, a skeleton, ghost or vampire! Look online for some fun templates to follow

Roger Parry & Partners would like to wish you a Happy Halloween

Stay safe and most importantly HAVE FUN!