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A vendors guide to selling your home

2nd November 2021

After months of, “will we, won’t we?”, you have finally made the decision to sell your property!


The agent has been, you have your valuation, and the photographer has captured your beautiful home ready for the day your agent says… Mr and Mrs Vendor, your property has gone live on the market!

Then all of a sudden people want to see your home! Panic sets in, what do you do, how do you show someone around, what should you say?

Fear not! All you need is this simple guide on how to sell your home.


The first thing a perspective buyer is going to see is the front of your home and the person stood at the doorway to greet them. Keep an eye out of the window to see when your viewers arrive and open the door in advance with a smile on your face to make them feel that they are welcomed to your home. This sets an excellent first impression on you and your home and they feel comfortable from the start.

Set an agenda

When your viewing party is in the house, shoes are off, and the greetings have finished set your agenda. Let the viewer know how the viewing is going to take place so that they know what to expect. Explain the route that you will take for example, we will start downstairs, then I will take you upstairs and we can finish in the garden. Make it appropriate for your home and leave the good bits until last! Cinema room, pub in the garden, home gym or orangery, the list goes on!

The garden is always a great place to end your appointment, weather dependant, as it is the final room in your home. If it is a large garden, landscaped or you have views, this final step can make or break! Don’t pick the smallest space to end in or the room with clutter, this is the lasting memory you will leave them with so make it a good one!


This is your opportunity to show off! When someone views your property, they are looking at the property itself, but they are also looking at their potential lifestyle. How the kitchen will work for them and their family, where they will put their furniture and how they will want to decorate! Staging is key! Set the table, arrange the breakfast bar with a plate of croissants and jug of juice, make the beds and plump the pillows, vacuum to within an inch of your life (we all love vacuum lines in the carpets!), rolled towels in the bathrooms and fresh flowers in every room! Make your home Instagram ready and make them WOW!


 For some reason, we can’t compliment ourselves! It is a funny trait that we all have, and it is one that we want to hide when we are showing round potential purchasers. Tell them everything you love about the house, the positives, all the improvements you have made and how much you have loved living there. Do NOT tell them everything you were going to do or should have done! “We were going to repaint this room because its so dark but haven’t got round to it”, “We should have taken this wall down to open it up to be honest”, “We were going to change the bathroom because it’s a bit old” STOP! This will encourage your viewer to take money off the asking price which we do not want to do. Highlight the spectacular, the stunning and the special features your home has!


A friendly chat can go a long way! Get to know them through the appointment. You will be able to get a good idea on whether they are interested or not if you ask questions. My favourite is “Can you see yourself living here?”. It will also encourage them to ask you more questions so reassure them that this is the right home. Let them know where the boiler is, if the loft is boarded and the important, what the neighbours are like! (if you have any!). Be calm, be friendly and use open questions to encourage conversation

Confidence is key

When you present your home, present with confidence. Show your passion for your home and pretend you know exactly what you are doing even if you feel like a fish out of water. If you are nervous then do some practice runs with your partner or kids, have some fun with it too. Homes are the place we make memories with our family and friends, so you want this to come across when you are presenting! If you are confident presenting, then your viewers will feel confidence in you and your home.

Finally, best of luck with selling your home!