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Poultry Unit Planning Application Disparity

25th May 2017

Column By Richard Corbett, Partner, Oswestry office

Disparity between planning applications and local authorities has come to light after three separate requests for poultry units have landed different outcomes.

According to the Farmers Guardian recently an application to build four poultry units to house up to 225,000 broilers in Faintree, Bridgnorth, was given the go-ahead. Less than a week before a shed capable of housing 16,000 hens in Haddington, East Lothian, was rejected. This came as an egg business in The Leigh, Gloucester, continued to be left hanging more than two years after its initial proposal for three poultry units to house up to 155,000 chickens.

At Roger Parry & Partners we know that a great deal of thought would have gone in already by you and your family / business partners before coming to the conclusion that you want to diversify into some sort of poultry production. We completely understand your nervousness in applying for planning when you hear how long the process can take and the costs involved, in turning your dream to run a poultry business into a reality.

There is no doubt in our minds that both the individual farmer and the rural economy benefit in the long term from poultry unit developments whether they are for broilers, rearing pullets or free range eggs.

We have helped over 150 farmers achieve their ambition of diversifying into poultry production over the past ten years and we would be more than happy to help you achieve your dream. Our rural surveyors and planning team have many years’ worth of experience in this field. We can help with everything from feasibility studies to grant and subsidies applications.

I’m used to tackling the challenges that these sorts of planning applications can throw up but if the site is right, with justification and expertise, an application will go through. I have a near 100% success rate with poultry unit planning applications and we have maintained this through Appeals when a Council has decided against an application.

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