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Is Solar Power Dead? We think not!

7th July 2017

Roger Parry & Partners are urging farmers to fall back in love with renewable energy with the proposal that it makes business sense to harness the earth’s natural resources.

Since the decline in the Feed-in tariff many farmers have understandably decided to rule out using renewable energy. In our view, however, the math still adds up so that high users of electricity would still get a good return on their investment.


50kw Solar PV system.

We estimate this size system to generate in the region of 40,000 to 45,000kwh per annum.

For the cost of £35,000.00 + vat

100% Feed in tariff @ 4.19p = £1780.75

50% Export @ 4.85p = £1030.62

50% savings on electricity @ 13p = £2762.50

We have a team of professional renewable energy specialists who are able to offer independent advice on all the range of renewable installations available and once a renewable energy solution has been identified they can take care of nearly all aspects of the process of entering into the realms of renewable energy, from feasibility studies, planning processes, and the construction and commissioning of renewable energy schemes, whether these be individual or in partnership with larger operators.

If you are interested in considering which renewable energy option would work for you and your business then please contact us. Visit the Renewables page on our website for more information: