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Glastir Small Grants – Water

30th November 2016

Following the recent Glastir Small Grant Carbon scheme, a new scheme is to be released on the 12th December.

Funding will be available for projects on the theme ‘water’, with an emphasis on water quality, including activities to separate clean and dirty water on farmyards, hedge planting and restoration, and small scale tree planting.

The standalone scheme contributing to the Welsh Governments ambition to tackle the current issue of climate change, while also improving the management of water.

As with the recent Glastir Small Grant Carbon Scheme; the same applies in which to be considered you must submit an expression of interest on the Rural Payment Wales website. From this, you can be granted up to £7,500 subject to selection.

The projects are then selected regarding the location of your target area and how beneficial they deem it to be.

The costings available per capital works have been released, including a sample listed below:

New Hedge Planting £4.50/m

Hedge Laying £5.53/m

Pond Restoration £307/m²

Maintenance of Gateways (Hardcore) £5.98m²

Supportive Capital Works

Piped Water Supply £0.52/m

Cross Drains £82.20 each

Post and Rail Fencing £10.40

Along with many other options available. Please get in contact with your nearest office in order to find out more information.

The deadline for applications is 23rd January 2017 so there’s little time to hang about.