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Changes to Permitted Development Rights for Agricultural Buildings Welcomed

13th March 2018

Tudor Watkins of Roger Parry & Partners has welcomed the announcement by Housing Minister, Dominic Raab, which makes a number of key positive changes to Permitted Development Rights for Agricultural Buildings in England.

The changes include:

• An increase in the size of new agricultural buildings from a maximum of 465 square metres to a maximum of 1,000 square metres

• Changes to the rights for conversion of agricultural buildings to dwelling houses to allow:

Up to three larger homes within a maximum of 465 square metres or

Up to five smaller homes each no larger than 100 square metres

A mix of both, within a total of no more than five homes, of which no more than three may be large homes

• A one-year extension to the temporary permitted development right to convert storage and distribution buildings to residential use.

Tudor Watkins, Partner with Roger Parry & Partners, said, “We very much welcome these new measures announced by the Housing Minister and I’m sure farmers will whole heartedly welcome them aswell. These new measures will, not only help those that are looking to adapt their farms to allow for the latest innovations in modern farming practices, but also assist with housing the next generation in the business.”

According to the government, “several hundred” homes are created each year through the conversion of agricultural buildings. These changes are expected to increase this number. The changes aim to help communities make the best use of existing buildings to help meet local housing needs “more efficiently”. They will also make sure the developments are “in keeping” with the character of the area and safeguard people’s privacy.

Tudor added, “With a reputation for sound local knowledge and dedication to ensure we remain at the cutting edge of legal developments and government policy, Roger Parry & Partners are always able to ensure that clients are at the forefront of the planning process. Our team are on hand to help if you would like to discuss these new changes coming into effect in April.”

The changes will come into effect from 6 April 2018. For further information relating to changes of agricultural buildings to dwellings please contact any of Roger Parry & Partners offices: Welshpool – 01938 554499; Oswestry: 01691 655334. Minsterley: 01743 791336.