It all starts with Land

As a landowner, you’ll be aware that your land is valuable. You may also know exactly what it’s worth, whether property development is an option for you, and how to secure planning permission.

Or you might just have a distant plan to sell the land sometime in the future. We at Roger Parry & Partners are the local experts in providing landowners like yourself with unrivalled insight and market intelligence.

Opportunities at every stage


With a team of Chartered Surveyors and Registered Valuers we can provide you with on the ground site specific accurate residual valuations to ensure your development is sustainable.

Options and Promotion Agreements

Under an option agreement, a landowner usually gives a developer the right to buy their land within a specified timeframe, usually five to 10 years but it can be longer if required. In return the developer will take on various obligations at their own cost – such as applying for planning permission – and if successful they can then decide whether or not to buy the land. The price they pay can either be negotiated once planning permis-sion is granted or fixed at an agreed minimum figure.

Under a promotion agreement, the promoter is not usually a builder or developer. Instead, once planning permission is granted, they will take the land to market and sell to a third party. The landowner is legally bound to sell the site and all proceeds of any sale are then divided between themselves and the promoter – but only after the latter has been reimbursed for planning and other professional costs.

Planning Consultancy

We have a team of highly experience planners and architects that work closely with our estate agents to help you put in a place a deliverable scheme that will maximise the profitability and saleability of the houses to the local demand.

Architectural Services

Our team including architectural technologists aim to work closely with Clients to develop a brief that will deliver on appearance, function of the building, costs, budget and timing.

Sales of Sits and plots

From our 30 years of experience in dealing with land and development, we have an unrivalled database of buyers looking for plots and development sites. As well as a fantastic land supply though our land-owning clients, we also have unrivalled access to planning data, holding a database of every consented site through-out Shropshire, Mid Wales and beyond. We also closely monitor the local authorities with daily updates of all planning applications submitted, granted and refused.

Sales of Completed houses

When it come to new build sales, our primary focus is on cutting edge marketing to ensure your properties are well presented to the target audience to maximise value and ensure quick turnaround of sales. It is important the development is well presented to sell the dream; therefore, can we provide a full marketing pack to include glossy brochures, CGI, floor plans, video and drone footage, virtual tours and Matterport, spec sheets and site signage.