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What is available with the Farming Investment Fund?

23rd November 2021

Over the last week we have seen great change in DEFRA’s Agricultural Transition Plan (ATP), presenting many potential prospects for farmers which may have had concerns to how the ATP was going to work. The Farming Investment Fund offered to both Farmers and Contractors in the UK has 2 grants available in the first round, which launched on the 16th November. The main idea of this funding of £27 million is there to provide grants for Farmers and Contractors the necessary support and money to invest in equipment and technology to help improve productivity and enhance the natural environment, which is continued concern and challenge following the recent COP26 decisions.

The two grants which are available within the Farming Investment Fund are:

  • Farming Equipment and Technology Fund (FETF)
  • Farming Transformation Fund (FTF)

Farming Equipment and Technology Fund (FETF)

Is a grant scheme available to support with new technology and equipment within the  ever changing industries of  Agriculture, Forestry and Horticulture. The idea that the equipment and technology brought will help improve the sustainability of farms in a sustainable way.

The review of the FETF by DEFRA  has meant that from being based on the Countryside Productivity Small Grant Scheme, that many of the items available within this scheme before are still available but 38 new items have been added to the list, totalling the list to 120 items for which applicants can chose from.

According to the list, a set figure has been allocated per item, and regardless of the cost of the item in which you buy if successful in gaining funding, the contribution by DEFRA will be the same. All applications for the FETF should be applied through the Rural Payment Agency.

Opening Date16th November  
Closing Date of Round 17th January 2022
Equipment Claim Deadline30th September 2022
Minimum grant contribution£2,000
Maximum grant contribution£25,000

Farming Transformation Fund (FTF)

This grant scheme by DEFRA is aimed for large capital items to help within businesses to improve productivity, profitability and environmental sustainability once again coinciding with the Governments COP26 agreements.

We have seen that the first round of the FTF is based on water management, allowing for capital grant for items which will improve farm productivity and add value to the products produced. Examples of this is construction of on-farm reservoirs or adoption of irrigation equipment to improve the efficient use of water.

The Water Management Grant is limited to being open to growers of irrigated food crops, ornaments, and forestry nurseries. The theme of the FTF will be followed by further grants in existing months adding to the overall Farming Investment Fund. Altogether the grant covers up to 40% of all eligible costs in the project, with the project totalling to a minimum of £87,500.

Opening Date16th November  
Online expression of interest12th January 2022
Full application deadline30th June 2022
Equipment Claim Deadline30th September 2022
Planning permissions in place31st December 2022
Abstraction license requirement31st December 2022
Minimum grant contribution£35,000
Maximum grant contribution£500,000

For more support or questions about the Farming Investment Fund, whether you can access it and what we can do to help please contact

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