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Six tips for staging your home like a pro

8th February 2024

If you are considering putting your home up for sale but are not sure where to start, perhaps because you are afraid it is not market ready or worried it may take too long to sell, or you simply wont get the price you want, then there are methods you can follow to help ensure this wont happen to you.

Not just for new build show homes, you should consider staging your home, or to put it another way, setting the scene, to arouse immediate buyer interest in your property when it comes to market. To be truly effective, you’ll need to look at staging both the inside and outside of your home, so here are our six tips to get you started.


This is one of the most important things you can do. You’re going to be moving home anyway and will have to pack, so it makes sense and is straight-forward to de-clutter and start packing at the same time. Pack up everything you don’t need and store the boxes out of sight in the garage if you have one, or consider temporarily renting a small storage unit. Keeping the look minimal can help sell your home.


Whilst we don’t like to think of strangers opening our cupboards, the reality is that they probably will. If you have built in wardrobes, hang similar colours together and similar garments together. Why? Because it will make the cupboards look bigger. Really! An organised space always appears bigger and you want your cupboards to look as spacious as possible.


You should de-personalise your home as much as possible when preparing to put it on the market.  This is so that potential buyers can imagine themselves and their own belongings occupying the space in your home. This means minimising and putting away everything you don’t need or use. Clear kitchen worktops as much as possible, stash away all those appliances you don’t use and put miscellaneous small clutter in a few attractive baskets or boxes out of sight.


Go and stand to see what prospective buyers see when they drive up to your house. Be aware of any negative impressions they may get such as overgrown borders, peeling paint, broken windows and so on. A poorly maintained exterior will make a prospective buyer think that the house has not been well taken care of. Even if you spend the time and money to ensure the interior is amazing, it will be wasted if the prospect get a bad first impression as they approach the property.


Step outside your front door and close it; then stand on your step and simple look around for a couple of minutes. This is mimicking the likelihood of viewer waiting while the door is answered. You will then see what the potential buyers will see. So, what is it? Cobwebs on the door frame? Dead plants? A broken lightbulb in the porch? A less than shiny letterbox?

First impressions count remember, so its definitely worth taking some time to clean up. If you want to go a step further, consider painting the front door or adding new accessories.


A tidy and inviting back garden is just as important as your front garden so don’t neglect it. Whilst it might not be part of the potential buyers first impression experience, you still should make sure it is in the best condition possible. Pull up the weeds, water the plants, do some sweeping and maybe even purchase new furniture or accessories such as plant pots or birdhouses. This all adds to the experience of living the dream your potential buyer wants.


Simply imagine yourself as a potential buyer looking at your property for the very first time. See it through their eyes and ask yourself:

  • What impression does the house give you?
  • How is its kerb appeal?
  • Would YOU buy your house?
  • What would you like to see changed before you put an offer on your house?

Finally, to stage a home will cost money but you’ll get that back, and sometimes more when your property sells. Proper staging will help you sell your house in a shorter time and importantly at the price you want.

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