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Its all about the Christmas table!

22nd December 2021

It really is the most wonderful time of the year. Decorating the tree, Christmas shopping and visiting the big man himself!

Our homes become another canvas of expression at Christmas, and I absolutely love seeing how we decorate our homes. Personally, I am not the minimalist type, so my home is a plethora of colour and Christmas tack! Rainbow lights in all the windows, technicolour Christmas tree with fun ornaments including a chihuahua (for my dog!), lobsters, sweets, dinosaurs and lots of glittery skulls to name a few.

One thing I look forward to planning is my Christmas table. This year there are only 7 of us for lunch on Christmas day but I am used to having anything up to 15 people around the table.

I like to bring my non-traditional colours to the table and use this as an opportunity to craft again! Here are a few ideas to dress your table this year.

Table Wreath

We have been to the wreath making classes, looked at my previous blog or gone onto youtube and pinterent and adorned our doors with Christmasy heavenly greens. But what about the table? You could make a small centre piece out of foliage and decorations left over from your previous craft session or take inspiration from the wreaths you have made. Finish them off with a candle or two? A vase for some flowers or why no add your napkin stand to the middle? Remember that you have to add food so avoid the prickly ones and keep it small, unless you have a big table!

Cutlery Holders

I was in Asda this weekend and I saw the most delightful cutlery holders. It was a Christmas tree with two slits in that you can slide your cutlery in. As I have a cupboard full of felt and other materials, I thought I’d give it a go and they have turned out perfectly! Make sure you use a cutting matt if you are using a blade, this gives a straighter line! And the benefit, they are reusable so will be added to my Christmas box for next year!

Place Names

Here is where you can have fun, over the years we have had some really fun place names including, a personalised clear bauble with sweets inside, knitted name plates, 3D wire names, personalised clay stars that can then be tree decorations and this years, small star tied to a tube of sweets! Get the kids involved too and they can be proud of their creations when you sit down for lunch


There is so much unnecessary plastic waste that this year I have decided to ditch the conventional cracker and have opted for a paper only set. You can buy the crackers or download templates and add jokes, colouring, games and more along with the obvious cracker snaps! I am also making hats from tissue paper!!!

Don’t forget the plates!

One thing I never think of until the last minute is the plates! I have no special Christmas plates! So that I don’t end up with a full set in the garage or loft for 364 days a year I have brought edible pens to decorate my white plates! A simple design of a holly leaf, a gingerbread man or a Christmas phrase, to make it feel even more festive. And the benefit, it is tasteless so wont ruin the food and washes off!

There is so much more that you can do for little to no cost that will have maximum impact!

We hope you have fun with your Christmas table this year and don’t forget to tag us in your pictures #rogerparrychristmas #rogerparryandpartners