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Is your home ready for its close up?

19th October 2021

We all want to look our best when we get in front of a camera and our home is no different. You want the WOW factor as soon as a potential purchaser opens the advertising or steps through the door, so giving your property a little tender love and care can help you maximise its potential helping it to sell faster and for the very best price.

A purchaser will want to see it all so there will be no hiding behind any cupboard or in any corner. Make your property the home they want to live in by following our simple steps to make your home ready for its close up!

And don’t worry, you won’t need another mortgage to pay for it!

  1. Time for a de-clutter!

Time to ask yourself a serious question, do you need 20 coats? Do you need another bookshelf of books you don’t read? Do you need to have grandmas China out on display?

Moving house is a great excuse for a declutter and reshuffle. Show the potential of each room by maximising the space you have. Remove items that do not add value to the room, re arrange the furniture and declutter walls to give you an open and welcoming room with a clear path to walk through

  • It’s all about the kerb appeal

The front of your home is just as important as inside. It is all about that kerb appeal, remember, we always look at the front cover before we open the book! Clear the weeds, repaint the woodwork, add new plants to borders or in pots next to the door and make sure your windows and sills are clean. Spend a little time dressing the front to make a good first impression and set the tone for the rest of the viewing.

  • Time for some DIY

To maximise your homes value the little jobs need to be tackled! If a room is looking tired give it a fresh lick of paint, stick to white or neutral to make the room airy and bright. Walk around your home and look at it from a buyer’s perspective, it is amazing what you become blind to when you see it every day! Black and discoloured grouting in the bathroom can be a real put off, give it a good clean and reseal to give your bathroom a quick and easy makeover 

  • Set the stage

The kitchen is the heart of the home and the room that most home buyers focus on when viewing a house. Stage the room with fresh flowers, clear worktops and baked goods (don’t worry you don’t have to bake, a lovely pack of croissants will do!). There is a myth that you should bake bread and brew a fresh cafetiere of coffee but what happens if the bread burns and they hate coffee! Just a nice simple arrangement will do, it is just to set the tone and sell the lifestyle rather than cook them a meal! Set the table as if it was Christmas, mood lighting and of course light a few candles or wax melts and make your home smell gorgeous! Set the scene and make them want to move in there and then!

  • Don’t forget the garden!

Your back garden is an extension to your home so don’t forget to give it a facelift too. Clear the weeds and add fresh plants, cut the grass and clean the dog mess! If you have furniture, give it a clean and dress it up as if you were having a garden party (obviously this is all weather dependant!) and give your patio or decking a good jet wash. Don’t forget those windows too!

These 5 steps are easy to follow but can have a big effect on the saleability of your home. Low cost but maximum impact, that’s what we like!

Look out for our future blog posts including, Viewings Made Easy as well as some seasonal decorating!