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How to make your rental house a home

16th December 2021

You have just moved into a new rental property, and you want to make it a home, but where do you start?

Sometimes landlords are against tenants decorating for fear of it being done badly, eccentric colour or pattern being used or because they have just had it decorated. Whatever the reason, have no fear, there are so many ways you can make it yours.

Wall Art

The internet has opened up our ability to get fantastic artwork for our homes easily and for great prices. I personally, have brought many prints off a range of websites such as Etsy, Muck N Brass and other small businesses on Instagram. I have also used Ebay and Amazon for decals. Decals are my go-to, to make a quick change to a room that isn’t going to result in me having to repaint the whole room! I have used leopard print and lightning bolts recently to make a feature wall in my sons bedroom as well as in the entrance hall and landing.


Another fun way to change a room is using vinyl. Its quick and easy to put on, just make sure you check that the surface it is going on will stick and not get damaged. I have used Faye Jennifer in the past and it is incredibly simple to put on and is so effective. You can use it on windows for privacy, cover the kitchen cupboards and even cover tiles. Then peel off when you are finished with it or you leave your rental property. Make sure you follow the instructions and use the correct tools to avoid air bubbles. I also used it to cover some shelves and an Ikea Lack table for my kids! Endless fun!

Accessorise with colour and print

If you are not feeling brave to put anything on the walls or surfaces, then use textiles to change your room. You can pick a colour theme, although this is not as fashionable as it used to be, or a print, polka dots, gold or animal print. You could even pick an era, 1960s, art deco or gothic. Cushions on the sofa, blankets or throws and a rug can completely change your room. If you are using heavy colour and print make sure that the main furniture such as sofas are neutral so that they work with any colour or print you fancy for that season or year!

It’s the little details

The finishing touches are your cherry on top of the cake and will finish your room or space off perfectly. Mirrors, candles, ornaments, lighting and layout are key so make sure they are not rushed, and don’t be tempted to just buy any old think, wait for the RIGHT thing! It will be worth it. And when you decide you fancy a change, why not try upcycling, moving things into different rooms or spaces and rejuvenate the ‘old’ items you have. There are loads of great sites that offer tips on upcycling and Youtube or Pinterest will also help.

I made that!

A really fun thing to do in your property to make it more personal to you, is to make something new! Don’t worry, I’m not suggesting you become a carpenter and make your own furniture, why not make an accessory or two. You can buy air dry clay to create a trinket dish, a vase or a wall hanging, learn to weave to make placemats or a cushion cover, paint yourself a new picture, make your own candle or wax melts or make your own crochet blanket! There are so many crafts that you can try and learn, and it is so much fun! I have tried all of the above and I am prouder of these than I am of the shop brought items! Plus, no one else has them!

These are just a few ways to make your rental house your home, we would love to see what you have done with your rental home. Don’t forget to tag us on your next post!

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