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Habitat Wales Scheme

27th September 2023

Details have released about the new Habitat Wales Scheme which will be available to all farmers in Wales for 2024. This scheme aims to offer support to those in Glastir Advanced, Glastir Commons and Glastir Organic to help bridge the gap between the end of Glastir Advanced and the new Sustainable Farming Scheme. All current Glastir contracts will come to an end on 31st December 2023.

Farmers can submit an Expression of Interest for the Habitat Wales Scheme in the 6-week window which opens Friday 29th September and closes Friday 10th November. It is anticipated that contracts will be offered in early December, with a start date of 1st January.

Payment Rates are £69/hectare (£27.92/acre) for Habitat Land and £62/hectare (£25.09/acre) for Woodland. Common land payments are £25/hectare (£10.11/acre). Eligible Habitat Land has been split into 3 categories:

  1. Land currently under a habitat option within a Glastir contract
  2. Habitat Land identified on the DataMap Wales maps
  3. Land voluntarily managed as habitat

You can only claim the grant for woodland where it is currently in Glastir Advanced or is identified as Ancient Woodland on the DataMap Wales. View the Wales Ancient Woodland map here.

Full details of the scheme will be released on Friday 29th September. If you’d like to know more or for help submitting an application please do not hesitate to contact us at your nearest office:

Clare Williams or Amy Thomas in Welshpool: 01938 554499
Richard Corbett or Phillipa Maddocks in Oswestry: 01691 655334
Roger Parry in Shrewsbury: 01743 791336