Compensation & Compulsory Purchase

Utility companies, both private and statutory, regularly require access to land concerning water, drainage, transport links, electricity, gas or telecommunications. Bodies such as Severn Trent Water, Welsh Water, Western Power Distribution, Scottish Power, National Grid, BT, Network Rail, Highways Agency and Local Authorities will often request access onto your property in order to do works to their property, apparatus or to construct/erect new infrastructure. You may also have been subject to damage from an individual and wish to seek compensation, such as a car crash damaging your hedges.

These bodies or their contractors may look to agree access to your land for other purposes such as storage of equipment or materials. Some also have statutory powers to enter or compulsory purchase your land. Taking informed advice from the start will help ensure your position and property is fully protected.

It is essential that any authority or contractor is not permitted access until professional advice is obtained to ensure all your rights are protected. Roger Parry & Partners LLP have extensive knowledge and experience in dealing with utility companies, authorities and their contractors on a daily basis. We understand their requirements as well as the landowner or occupier’s and we can help deliver acceptable terms between you. We aim to ensure the best possible settlement using a determined approach, putting the client’s needs first.

If, as a land owner or occupier, you instruct us to act on your behalf, our fees will normally be paid by the utility company or highways authority involved. Contacting us for professional advice early is very important and takes the stress out of having your land disturbed and ensures any benefits are built into the terms of entry. Good planning limits the potential for unexpected damage in the process of works. Good representation, even in the event of compulsory acquisition, ensures that you are properly compensated.

KNOW YOUR RIGHTS – contact Roger Parry & Partners prior to agreeing any access or works.