BPS & Grants

The land management professionals at Roger Parry & Partners have a detailed working knowledge of available grants and subsidies and the regulatory framework that applies to rural businesses. We are able to provide practical pro-active advice on how these affect a client’s business.

There are a variety of schemes that require expertise and advice, to receive the payments that you are entitled to and ensure that these are correct. The paperwork that is now required for schemes can be complex and time-consuming and the aim of our land experts is to remove the burden of complicated legislation and regulation by offering practical compliance advice. We aim to alert clients to opportunities and also advise clients to achieve a maximum return for their business, taking into consideration their objectives and farming business operations.

We pride ourselves at being at the cutting edge of legal developments and government policy to ensure that our advice will always keep clients well informed. We are expert in the operation and application of the Basic Payment Scheme and how the specifics of legislation affect businesses day-to-day. Our experienced entitlement trading team are able to secure clients the best possible deal.

The Single Payment Scheme came to an end in 2014 and its replacement, the Basic Payment Scheme, was new for 2015 and introduced more complicated rules, such as Greening guidelines. We can help you to ensure your business is meeting all the requirements and maximising your money or if you’re new to the scheme we can help set you up. Contact us if you require assistance with registration, online access or completion of your claim.


Clients will be advised on entering into these schemes that are complicated and that often have pitfalls. We can advise in a way that takes the client’s objectives into consideration and ensure that a significant benefit is gained from them. We can complete applications forms, review payments, submit claims, liaise with funding bodies, provide advice when looking at funding, monitoring claims, maximising returns and identifying projects.

Below is a list of the rural grants currently available (updated 2nd December 2021)

We can also help with:

• Organic Grant Schemes
• Rural Enterprise Grants
• Environmental Grants
• Local Government Grants
• Business Rates Relief Grants

Basic Payment SchemePayments based on hectares of farmed land. Young Farmer top-up also available. Phased out between 2021 to 2027.Open spring 2022.Deadline 15th May each year
Countryside Stewardship Mid Tier5 year scheme incorporating annual payments and capital items. Whole or part farm scheme. Revised payments are to be released in the new year.Open spring 2022
Closes 31st July 2022 (TBC)
Last date to request applications and CSFO approval 31st May 2022 (assumed)
Countryside Stewardship Higher Tier A more detailed version of Mid Tier. Open spring
Closes May 2022 TBC
Countryside Stewardship Capital Grant Capital payments to increase biodiversity (hedge laying, tree planting and hedge planting), improve water quality (concrete yard renewal, water troughs/bases, fencing out watercourses and livestock tracks) and improve air quality (slurry scrapers). 2 years to complete the works from the agreement date. CSFO approval required for some water items. Open in Spring 2022
Countryside Stewardship Woodland Creation Capital payments for Woodland Creation along with capital payments for fencing. Open all year round
Sustainable Farming Incentive One of the schemes under ELMs. 3 year scheme which can be amended every 12 months. 8 standards (e.g. land, soils, water, hedgerows) with most having 3 ambition levels (introductory, intermediate and advanced). Payment rates depend on standard and level chosen e.g. the lowest payment is made for introductory and the highest payment is made for advanced. Currently being piloted – changes being made regularly based on feedback. Opening in 2022
Local Nature RecoveryPay for actions that support local nature recovery and meet local environmental priorities. Encourage collaboration between farmers, helping them work together to improve their local environment. Pilot in 2022 and launch in 2024
Landscape RecoverySupport landscape and ecosystem recovery through long term projects e.g. restoring wilder landscapes, large-scale tree planting and peatland and saltmarsh restoration. Pilot in 2022 and launch in 2024
Farming Equipment and Technology FundSimilar to the CP Small Grant – £2,000 to £25,000 grant funding on a list of eligible items. Available to farmers, contractors and foresters with an SBI. Open: Now
Closed: 7th January 2021
Farming Transformation fund – Water Management GrantCapital items to improve farm productivity through more efficient use of water for irrigation, and to secure water supplies for crop irrigation by the construction of on-farm reservoirs and the adoption of best practice irrigation application equipment. £35,000 to £500,000 grants funding (40% of the cost). Open: 16th November 2021
Closed: TBC
Farming Innovation Programme3 Funds available:
– The Industry-led Research and Development Partnerships Fund 
– The Farming Futures Research and Development Fund (competitions open early 2022) 
– The Projects to Accelerate Adoption Fund (competitions open later in 2022) 
Industry-led Research and Development Partnerships Fund open now for applications
Animal Health and Welfare reviewCommercial livestock keepers – 50 pigs, 20 sheep or 10 cattle. Lump sum payment to cover vet costs. Vet to provide advice on recommendations and actions that improve animal health and welfare.Spring 2022
New Entrant Support SchemeEncourage new starters into farming. Opens in 2022
Lump sum exit schemeOffer a lump sum in place of any further Basic Payment Scheme payments and delinked payments.Plans to open in 2022
Basic Payment SchemePayments based on hectares of farmed land. Young Farmer top-up also available.Open spring
Deadline 15th May each year
Glastir Small GrantsCapital funding to do works such as hedge laying, hedge coppicing, stoning gateways, guttering and downpipes etc.Closed
Glastir Woodland CreationCapital funding towards woodland creation and maintenance payments for 12 years following planting.Closed
Farm Business Grant – Yard Coverings£3,000 to £12,000 grant funding (40% funding based on standard cost). Roofing of livestock feeding/handling areas, manure stores and silage stores. Planning consent and SAB (drainage) approval required to claim. Closed
Farm Business GrantGrants of £3,000 to £12,000 towards farm equipment. 40% funding. List of eligible items to choose from with a standard cost. Items include livestock handling systems, solar powered fence energisers, weighing systems, EID equipment and arable/grassland equipment. Closed
Sustainable Production GrantGrants of £12,000 to £50,000 for items to enhance farm nutrient management and water efficiency, such as covered slurry stores, vacuum tanks and yard roofing.Closed
Timber Business Investment SchemeGrants open to private forest owners, local authoritiesor other public sector forest owners and SME’s that are engaged in forest planting and management activities, timber harvesting and/or timber processingClosed
Food Business Investment SchemeFor producers of agricultural products to add value to their outputs by providing support to those businesses that do first and/or second stage processing activitiesClosed
Young People into AgricultureGrants to assist young farmers setting up as head of holding. Up to £40,000 available.Closed