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Case Studies and Recent Approvals

We offer an extensive depth of knowledge in both planning and architectural services, having a wealth of experts who advise and guide you in each of our offices.

Below is a selection of projects we have worked on in the past. Click on each description to read more about the work we have done.

 Case Studies:

1 Berriew St Case Study.pdf
Emma Corbett house.pdf
Outline planning consent for 40 dwellings in Church Stoke.pdf
Permission secured for five superior dwellings adjoining Montford Bridge.pdf


Recent Approvals:

20/11/2017 Agricultural Building, Little Worthen, Shropshire Clare Williams 17/04712/FUL
14/11/2017 Domestic Garage & Agricultural Building, Weston Rhyn, Shropshire Richard Corbett 17/04682/FUL
09/11/2017 Residential Vehicular Access, Craven Arms, Herefordshire Richard Corbett P172508/F
08/11/2017 Agricultural building to cover slurry store, Westbury, Shropshire Clare Williams 17/04422/FUL
30/10/2017 Agricultural Building, Llandyssil, Powys Clare Williams P/2017/1058
26/10/2017 Redifential Development (open market) Llanymynech, Powys Richard Corbett P/2017/0825
26/10/2017 Residential Development for 8 dwellings, Guilsfield, Powys Richard Corbett P/2017/0420
19/10/2017 Reserved matters Residential Development for 5 dwellings, Mochnant, Powys Richard Corbett P/2017/0487
17/10/2017 Two storey & single storey extensions, Llanrhaeadr Ym Mochnant, Powys Paul Middleton P/2017/0714
12/10/2017 Agricultural Building, Dolfor, Newtown, Powys Clare Williams AGRI/2017/0078
12/10/2017 Extension to free range poultry unit (16,000) Kinnerton, Powys Gerallt Davies P/2017/0681
09/10/2017 Removal of condition to allow unrestricted residential occupancy, Shrewsbury. Shropshire Paul Middleton 16/03989/VAR
09/10/2017 3 open market dwellings, Churchstoke, Powys Gerallt Davies P/2017/0654
05/10/2017 Residential Development of up to 5 dwellings, Caersws, Powys Richard Corbett P/2017/0368
05/10/2017 One Dwelling, Groespluen, Powys Gerallt Davies P/2017/0750
28/09/2017 Local Needs Dwelling, Halfway House, Shropshire Gerallt Davies 17/01779/FUL
27/09/2017 Pullet rearing unit (32,000) Felindre, Knighton, Powys Gerallt Davies P/2017/0491
26/09/2017 Camping Pods, Gobowen, Shropshire Richard Corbett 17/02542/FUL
25/09/2017 Cattle grid on common land, Caernarfon Gerallt Davies C17/0366/17/LL
21/09/2017 Agricultural Building, Forden, Powys Richard Corbett P/2017/0850
21/09/2017 Agricultural Building, Llanarmon, Wrexham Richard Corbett P/2016/0434
18/09/2017 9 Dwellings. Trewern, Powys Gerallt Davies P/2017/0574
18/09/2017 Discharge of Conditions, Sarn, Pwllheli Gerallt Davies C17/0684/32/AC
15/09/2017 Agricultural Building, Buttington, Powys Richard Corbett P/2017/0606
15/09/2017 Agricultural Building. Buttington, Powys Richard Corbett P/2017/0607
15/09/2017 Agricultural Building, Machynlleth, Powys Gerallt Davies AGRI/2017/0066
14/09/2017 Open market dwelling, Guilsfield, Powys Gerallt Davies P/2017/0542
14/09/2017 Residential Development, Manafon, Powys Richard Corbett P/2017/0245
14/09/2017 Residential Development, Stiperstones, Shropshire Paul Middleton 14/04819/OUT
13/09/2017 Change of use of part of house into self contained holiday unit, Cefn Coch, Powys Gerallt Davies P/2017/0240
13/09/2017 Agricultural building, Halton, Wrexham Richard Corbett P/2017/0531
08/09/2017 Change of use of a garage to a micro-brewary, Llanwddyn, Powys Richard Corbett P/2017/0698
07/09/2017 Removal of occupancy restriction, Trewern, Powys Gerallt Davies VAR/2017/0018
04/07/2017 Agricultural building, Pont Robert, Powys Richard Corbett P/2017/0829
31/08/2017 Agricultural building, Bomere Heath. Shropshire Richard Corbett 17/02491/FUL
31/08/2017 Agricultural building, Bomere Heath, Shropshire Richard Corbett 17/02492/FUL
30/08/2017 Removal of holiday season occupation, Cwm Llinau, Machynlleth, Powys Gerallt Davies NMA/2017/0065
25/08/2017 Poultry Unit. New Radnor, Powys Gerallt Davies P/2017/0408
24/08/2017 Residential Development, Forden, Powys Richard Corbett P/2016/1126
24/08/2017 Agricultural building, Meifod, Powys Richard Corbett P/2017/0056
22/08/2017 Garage conversion to annexe, Overton, Wrexham  Richard Corbett P/2017/0589
22/08/2017 Agricultural building, Wolfshead, Shropshire Richard Corbett 17/02202/FUL
22/08/2017 Agricultural building, Welshpool, Powys Richard Corbett P/2016/0243
17/08/2017 Agricultural Building, Knockin Heath, Shropshire Gerallt Davies 17/02653/FUL
17/08/2017 Extension to agricultural building, Churchstoke, Shropshire Richard Corbett P/2017/0705
17/08/2017 Erection of affordable dwelling, Sarnau, Powys Richard Corbett P/2017/0741
15/08/2017 Agricultural Building, Manafon, Powys Gerallt Davies AGRI/2017/0052
15/08/2017 Agricultural Building, Manafon, Powys Gerallt Davies AGRI/2017/0053
15/08/2017 Erection of an affordable dwelling with garage, Llanymynech, Powys Richard Corbett P/2017/0395
15/08/2017 Affordable dwelling with garage, Meifod, Powys Richard Corbett P/2017/0619
14/08/2017 9 Dwellings, Meifod, Powys Richard Corbett P/2016/1337
11/08/2017 Agricultural livestock building, Rhyl, Denbighshire Richard Corbett 47/2017/0680
11/08/2017 Agricultural livestock building, Rhyl, Denbighshire Richard Corbett 47/2017/0682
11/08/2017 Extension to existing slurry lagoon,Rhyl, Denbighshire Richard Corbett 47/2017/0681
03/08/2017 Erection of a poultry unit, Llanfair Caereinion, Powys Gerallt Davies P/2017/0644
26/07/2017 Extension to barn conversion, Cyfronydd, Powys Gerallt Davies P/2017/0613
26/07/2017 Agricultural building for fodder and machinery storage, Llansanffraid, Powys Richard Corbett AGRI/2017/0057
25/07/2017 Slurry Store, Meifod, Powys Richard Corbett AGRI/2017/0056
21/07/2017 Discharge of conditions, Abbey Cwmhir, Powys Gerallt Davies DIS/2017/0103
20/07/2017 Agricultural livestock building, Hyssington, Powys Richard Corbett P/2017/0334
19/07/2017 Agricultural Building, Lunllingfield, Shropshire Richard Corbett 17/02512/FUL
19/07/2017 Agricultural livestock building, Lullingfields, Shropshire Richard Corbett 17/02512/FUL
13/07/2017 Agricultural Building, Cefn Coch, Powys Gerallt Davies P/2017/0545
12/07/2017 16 Dwellings, Llansantffraid, Powys Richard Corebett P/2016/0719
12/07/2017 Erection of a dwelling and garage, Llanerfyl, Powys Richard Corbett P/2017/0295
13/07/2017 Agricultural Building, Dyffryn, Powys Richard Corbett AGRI/2017/0042
11/07/2017 Change of use of land to form extension to the existing caravan park, Llanbenwch, Denbighshire Richard Corbett 20/2017/0234
07/07/2017 Change of use of land - Caravans Peter Daborn 17/01447/FUL
03/07/2017 Agricultural livestock building, Llanymynech, Powys Richard Corbett P/2017/0257
03/07/2017 Agricultural Building, Llanymynech, Powys Richard Corbett P/2017/0253
30/06/2017 Organic free range poultry unit, Bettws Cedewain, Powys Gerallt Davies P/2017/0418
28/06/2017 Agricultural Building, Welshpool, Powys Richard Corbett P/2017/0537
28/06/2017 Agricultural livestock building, Welshpool, Powys Richard Corbett P/2017/0529
28/06/2017 Agricultural livestock building, Welshpool, Powys Richard Corbett P/2017/0526
27/06/2017 Extension to an agricultural building, Welshpool, Powys Richard Corbett P/2017/0029
27/06/2017 Agricultural Building, Llandrindod Wells, Powys Richard Corbett P/2017/0517
23/06/2017 Detailed design for bungalow, Llidiartywaen, Powys Gerallt Davies P/2017/0409
23/06/2017 Reserved matters, 1 dwelling, Pontesford, Shropshire Paul Middleton 16/04697/REM
22/06/2017 Replacement Building, Shrewsbury, Shropshire Richard Corbett 17/01660/FUL
14/06/2017 Agricultural Building, Llanfyllin, Powys Richard Corbett AGRI/2017/0029
14/06/2017 Agricultural Building, Llanfyllin, Powys Richard Corbett AGRI/2017/0029
14/06/2017 Detailed design for bungalow, Llanidloes, Powys Gerallt Davies P/2017/0440
08/06/2017 9 Dwellings, Llanymynech, Powys Richard Corbett P/2017/0623
05/06/2017 Agricultural livestock building, Poulton, Chester Richard Corbett 17/01468/FUL
05/06/2017 Variation to agricultural occupancy condition, Middletown, Powys Gerallt Davies NMA/2017/0034
26/05/2017 5 Dwellings, Condover, Shropshire Paul Middleton 17/00863/OUT
26/05/2017 2 Dwellings, Minsterley, Shropshire Paul Middleton 16/04745/OUT
17/05/2017 Agricultural Building, Oswestry, Shropshire Richard Corbett 17/01769/AGR
15/05/2017 Agricultural Storage Shed, Welshpool, Powys Richard Corbett AGRI/2017/0031
12/05/2017 Erection of 5 dwellings (site 1), Castle Caereinion, Powys Gerallt Davies P/2016/0893
12/05/2017 Erection of 5 dwellings (site 1), Castle Caereinion, Powys Gerallt Davies P/2016/0892
08/05/2017 Single storey side extenstion. Longden, Shropshire Paul Middleton 17/01240/FUL
08/05/2017 Design changes for 2 dwellings, Pontrobert, Powys Gerallt Davies NMA/2017/0027
02/05/2017 Agricultural Storage Building, Oswestry, Shropshire Richard Corbett 17/01517/AGR
21/04/2017 9 Dwellings, Llansillin, Powys Richard Corbett P/2016/1036
20/04/2017 3 Dwellings, Condover, Shropshire Paul Middleton 17/00862/OUT
18/04/2017 Variation of agricultural occupancy condition - Llidiartywaen, Powys Gerallt Davies NMA/2017/0016
11/04/2017 Removal of local needs restriction – Llanfair Caereinion, Powys Gerallt Davies VAR/2017/0006
06/04/2017 Erection of detached dwelling and installation of sewage treatment plant, Llanfyllin, Powys Richard Corbett P/2017/0181
30/03/2017 Reserved Matters Residential Development Plot 1, Westbury, Shropshire Paul Middleton 16/02448/REM
30/03/2017 Reserved Matters Residential Development Plot 2. Westbury. Shropshire Paul Middleton 16/02449/REM
30/03/2017 Reserved Matters Residential Development Plot 3, Westbury, Shropshire Paul Middleton 16/02450/REM
30/03/2017 Reserved Matters Residential Development Plot 4, Westbury, Shropshire Paul Middleton 16/02451/REM
28/03/2017 Construction of workshop buildings, Welshpool, Powys Richard Corbett P/2016/1041
23/03/2017 Erection of agricultural workers dwelling, Llandrindod Wells, Powys Gerallt Davies P/2017/0097
23/03/2017 Change of use of land - Holiday Lodges, Oswestry, Shropshire Richard Corbett 17/00348/FUL
15/03/2017 Formation of an agricultural vehicular access to include formation of visibility splay Peter Daborn 17/01038/FUL
03/03/2017 Erection of a stable block and field shelter, Oswestry, Shropshire Richard Corbett 17/00253/FUL
02/03/2017 Erection of an agricultural building, Llandrindod Wells Richard Corbett AGRI/2017/0008
27/02/2017 Conversion of barn to dwelling, Llanymynech, Powys Gerallt Davies P/2016/1190
27/02/2017 Erection of an egg packing and storage room, Stoney Stretton Paul Middleton 17/00044/FUL
27/02/2017 Erection of a side extension, Stoney Stretton, Shropshire Paul Middleton 16/05574/FUL
16/02/2017 Planning consent for Demolition of house & extension of carpark & shop, Craven Arms Paul Middleton 16/05736/FUL
15/02/2017 Discharge of planning conditions, Forden, Powys Gerallt Davies DIS/2016/0263
13/02/2017 Conversion of traditional farm building, Llanrhaeadr, Powys Richard Corbett P/2016/1226
08/02/2017 Planning consent for Rural Enterprise Dwelling, Guilsfield, Powys Clare Jerman P/2016/0701
08/02/2017 Planning consent for barn conversion to residential, Llanbadarn, Radnorshire Gerallt Davies P/2016/1239
08/02/2017 Planning permission for a Rural Enterprise Dwelling at a poultry unit, Llanfair Caereinion Gerallt Davies P/2016/1260
07/02/2017 Erection of an open market house, Mytton Park, Shrewsbury, Shropshire Paul Middleton 16/05445/FUL
03/02/2017 Agricultural Notification, Westbury, Shropshire Clare Jerman 17/00063/AGR
01/02/2017 Replacement of agricultural building, Pwllheli, Gwynedd Gerallt Davies C16/1483/32/LL
27/01/2017 Erection of open market dwelling, Hanwood, Shropshire Paul Middleton 16/04743/FUL
27/01/2017 Rerserved Matters application for residential development, Hanwood, Shropshire Paul Middleton 16/04203/REM
26/01/2017 Conversion of agricultural building to 2 residential units, Malpas, Cheshire Gerallt Davies 16/05362/FUL
10/01/2017 Retention of demountable buildings, erection of agricultural barn & hard standing Peter Daborn 16/01753/FUL
09/01/2017 Outline permission for the erection of 2 dwellings, Mytton, Shropshire Gerallt Davies 16/04233/OUT
05/01/2017 Prior notification for 2 agricultural buildings, Tregynon, Powys Gerallt Davies AGRI/2016/0083
04/01/2017 Planning permission for a Local Needs Dwelling, Llidiartywaen, Powys Gerallt Davies P/2016/1156
21/12/2016 Reserved Matters application for one dwelling, Redhill, Shropshire Paul Middleton 14/04876/OUT
21/12/2016 Prior Notification for 2 agricultural buildings, Pool Quay, Powys Gerallt Davies AGRI/2016/0081
21/12/2016 Planning consent for a carport, Llanfyllin, Powys Gerallt Davies P/2016/1150
15/12/2016 Agricultural Building, Llansantffraid, Powys Richard Corbett P/2016/0912
13/12/2016 Outline planning permission for 5 houses, Manafon, Welshpool, Powys Richard Corbett P/2016/0168
13/12/2016 Consent for agricultural track, Pwllheli, Gwynedd Gerallt Davies C16/1506/32/YA
12/2016 Outline planning permission for 16 houses, Llansantffraid, Powys Richard Corbett P/2016/0719
13/12/2016 Planning permission for an Agricultural track, Pwllheli, Gwynedd Gerallt Davies C16/1506/32/YA
05/12/2016 Erection of a 2 storey extension, Llanyblodwel, Shropshire Gerallt Davies 16/04987/FUL
30/11/2016 Retrospective Permission for a caravan park, Kenley, Shropshire Peter Daborn 16/02140/FUL
24/11/2016 Planning permission for a garden room, Rowton, Shropshire Paul Middleton 16/04335/FUL
23/11/2016 Barn conversion, Gyfelia, Wrexham Richard Corbett P/2016/0692
23/11/2016 Consent for Reserved Matters application, single dwelling, Corfton, Shropshire Paul Middleton 16/04173/REM
17/11/2016 Siting of containers for storage for domestic & business use & floodlights, Shropshire Paul Middleton 16/03849/FUL
17/11/2016 Planning permission for an open market dwelling, Annscroft, Shropshire Paul Middleton 16/3237/OUT
09/11/2016 Retrospective planning consent for agricultural building, Ceredigion Richard Corbett A160462
09/11/2016 Planning permission for housing development, Llanrhaedr YM, Powys Richard Corbett P/2015/1228
04/11/2016 Planning permission for agricultural building, Welshpool, Powys Richard Corbett P/2016/0851
04/11/2016 Planning permission for agricultural building, Welshpool, Powys Richard Corbett P/2016/0954
04/11/2016 Planning permission for a free range 32000 bird egg production unit, Pwllheli, Gwynedd Gerallt Davies C16/0849/32/LL
01/11/2016 Planning permission for extension to create office, Montford Bridge, Shropshire Paul Middleton 16/04208/FUL
28/10/2016 Outline planning permission for large scale residential development, Pembrokeshire Paul Middleton 15/1222/PA
28/10/2016 Outline planning permission for a dwelling, Shrewsbury, Shropshire Paul Middleton 16/03945/OUT
28/10/2016 Outline planning permission for 2 detached dwellings, Worthen, Shropshire Paul Middleton 16/03690/OUT
28/10/2016 Outline planning permission for a dwelling, Shrewsbury, Shropshire Paul Middleton 16/03946/OUT
28/10/2016 Planning permission for field access, Shrewsbury, Shropshire Paul Middleton 16/03947/FUL
25/10/2016 Retrospective planning consent for poultry building, Halfway House, Shropshire Richard Corbett 16/00355/FUL
24/10/2016 Planning permission for livestock building, Halfway House, Shropshire Paul Middleton 16/03832/FUL
24/10/2016 Planning permission for agricultural storage building, Halfway House, Shropshire Paul Middleton 16/04133/FUL
21/10/2016 Planning permission for a semi-detached dwelling, Longden, Shropshire Paul Middleton 16/03347/FUL
12/10/2016 Planning permission for Staff Room for School, Bettws, Powys Gerallt Davies P/2016/0898
11/10/2016 Planning Permission for an agricultural building, Halfway House, Shropshire Gerallt Davies 16/04222/AGR
11/10/2016 Outline Planning Permission for a dwelling, Shrewsbury, Shropshire Paul Middleton 14/05151/OUT
10/10/2016 Planning Permission for an agriucltural building, Ford, Shropshire Clare Jerman 16/03178/FUL
07/10/2016 Reserved Matters for detached dwelling, Dorrington, Shropshire Paul Middleton 16/01122/REM
06/10/2016 Planning Permission for Agricultural building, Yockleton, Shropshire Paul Middleton 16/03459/FUL
04/10/2016 Planning Permission for 2 houses, Cockshutt, Shropshire Paul Middleton 16/01903/FUL
04/10/2016 Planning Permission for a garage, Churchstoke, Powys Gerallt Davies P/2016/0832
30/09/2016 Planning Permission for a house in Shropshire Paul Middleton 16/02505/FUL
29/09/2016 Extension to agricultural building for biomass boiler, Great Ness, Shropshire Richard Corbett 16/02667/FUL
28/09/2016 Planning Permission for a Listed Building, Craven Arms, Shropshire Paul Middleton 16/03336/FUL
28/09/2016 Outline Planning permission for a temporary dwelling for poultry business, Meifod, Powys Richard Corbett P/2016/0884
28/09/2016 Works to The Craven Centre, Craven Arms, Shropshire Paul Middleton 16/03335/FUL
27/09/2016 Implement Building, Pen y bont, Oswestry, Shropshire Richard Corbett 16/03348/FUL
26/09/2016 Discharge of conditions for 1000 ground-mounted solar panels, Alberbury, Shropshire Richard Corbett 15/04474/FUL
26/09/2016 Create bedroom in garage roofspace, Halfway House, Shropshire Paul Middleton 16/03373/FUL
23/09/2016 Reserved Matters for 3 dwellings, Dorrington, Shropshire Paul Middleton 16/02110/REM
21/09/2016 Agri-workers dwelling, Llidiartywaen, Powys Gerallt Davies P/2016/0770
13/09/2016 Forestry Building, Llanerfyl, Powys Richard Corbett P/2016/0810
12/09/2016 Agri-workers dwelling, Bwlch-y-Ffridd, Powys (subject to s106 agreement) Gerallt Davies P/2016/0653
06/09/2016 2 Camping pods, Oswestry, Shropshire Richard Corbett 16/02892/FUL
01/09/2016 Agricultural Building, Meifod, Powys Richard Corbett P/2016/0650
01/09/2016 Local needs dwelling, Churchstoke, Powys (subject to s106 agreement) Gerallt Davies P/2016/0615
31/08/2016 Retrospective planning application for 2 Mobile free-range poultry unit, Meifod, Powys Richard Corbett P/2016/0363
31/08/2016 Poultry rearing unit, Meifod, Powys Richard Corbett P/2016/0540
25/08/2016 Wind turbine, Pentreheylig, Shropshire Richard Corbett 16/00483/FUL
23/08/2016 Agri-workers dwelling, Bwlch y Ffridd, Powys (subject to s106 agreement) Gerallt Davies P/2016/0653
16/08/2016 Detached open market dwelling, Longden, Shropshire Paul Middleton 16/02481/FUL
10/08/2016 Agricultural GPDO Building, Llansantffraid, Powys Richard Corbett AGRI/2016/0032
08/08/2016 Planning Permission for Barn Conversion, Selattyn, Wrexham Richard Corbett P/2016/0248
05/08/2016 AD Plant, Pool Quay, Powys Richard Corbett P/2016/0209
04/08/2016 4m high CCTV camera, Crickheath, Shropshire Richard Corbett 16/02296/FUL
02/08/2016 Erection of a wood store, Bwlch-y-cibau, Powys Richard Corbett P/2016/0497
28/07/2016 Certificate of Lawful Use, Existing Touring Caravan & Camp Site, Four Crosses, Powys Gerallt Davies P/2016/0531
26/07/2016 Slurry lagoon, Montgomery, Powys Clare Jerman P/2016/0592
15/07/2016 House extension, Forden, Powys Gerallt & Paul P/2016/0295
14/07/2016 Broiler unit, Meifod, Powys Richard Corbett P/2015/1083
13/07/2016 2 open market dwellings, Preist Weston, Shropshire Paul Middleton 15/02546/OUT
13/07/2016 Large house extension, Pontesbury, Shropshire Paul Middleton 16/01882/FUL
11/07/2016 Single open market dwelling, Minsterley, Shropshire Paul Middleton 15/03864/FUL
11/07/2016 Single open market dwelling, nr Ellesmere, Shropshire Paul Middleton 16/00318/OUT
08/07/2016 7 Holiday yurts & facilities, Carno, Powys Gerallt Davies P/2016/0373
07/07/2016 Manège, Llanfair Caereinion, Powys Becky Bowen P/2016/0385
05/07/2016 GPDO Agricultural building, Guilsfield, Powys Gerallt Davies AGRI/2016/0036
05/07/2016 Wind turbine, Llanrhystud, Ceredigion Richard Corbett A130843
05/07/2016 Outline application for 1 dwelling, Shrewsbury, Shropshire Paul Middleton 14/04876/OUT
01/07/2016 Variation of condition, building plot, Churchstoke, Powys Gerallt Davies P/2016/0478
30/06/2016 32,000 bird free range poultry unit, Tregynon, Powys Richard Corbett P/2015/0779
29/06/2016 GPDO for building for CHP Unit, Conwy Richard Corbett 0/42836
29/06/2016 Reserved Matters for 5 detached dwellings, Montford Bridge, Shropshire Paul Middleton 16/01362/REM
23/06/2016 Barn conversion to 2 dwelling, Binweston, Shropshire Paul Middleton 15/05524/FUL
23/06/2016 Outline consent for 2 dwellings, Binweston, Shropshire Paul Middleton 15/01990/OUT
15/06/2016 Non-material amendment to planning application Richard Corbett NMA/2016/0034
15/06/2016 Two storey side extension & single storey rear extension, Pontesbury, Shropshire Paul Middleton 16/01282/FUL
15/06/2016 Barn conversion to create 3 dwellings, Minsterley, Shropshire Paul Middleton 13/03245/FUL
14/06/2016 GPDO Permitted Rights Conversion of a dutch barn to residential, Malpas, Cheshire Gerallt Davies 16/01729/PDQ
13/06/2016 Discharge of drainage, ecology, landscaping & pollution conditions, Poultry shed, Powys Gerallt Davies P/2015/0984
10/06/2016 Sub station, Machynlleth, Powys Richard Corbett P/2016/0401
10/06/2016 Open market dwelling, Corfton, Shropshire Paul Middleton 14/05307/OUT
07/06/2016 4 terraced houses, Longden, Shropshire Paul Middleton 15/04590/FUL
07/06/2016 Barn conversion, Albrightlee, Shropshire Paul Middleton 15/05292/FUL
06/06/2016 Erection of a garden room, Habberley, Shropshire Paul Middleton 16/01526/FUL
03/06/2016 40 dwellings, Churchstoke, Powys Paul Middleton P/2015/0340
27/05/2016 New vehicular access, Knockin, Shropshire Gerallt Davies 16/01549/FUL
19/05/2016 Sub Station, Corwen, Denbighshire Richard Corbett 07/2015/1050
05/05/2016 Open market dwelling Reserved Matters, Little Plealey, Shropshire Paul Middleton 16/00386/REM
04/2016 Open market dwelling, Minsterley, Shropshire (subject to s106) Paul Middleton 15/03864/FUL
29/04/2016 Reserved Matter for 3 houses, Leebotwood, Shropshire Paul Middleton 15/05334/REM
28/04/2016 Planning permission for agricultural access, Penybont, Shropshire Richard Corbett 16/00787/FUL
22/04/2016 Discharge of S106 agreement, White Grit, Powys Gerallt Davies VAR/2016/0008
22/04/2016 Free range poultry shed, Meifod, Powys Richard Corbett P/2015/0925
22/04/2016 Extension to dwelling, Llanerfyl, Powys Gerallt Davies P/2016/0240
21/04/2016 Replacement dwelling, Halfway House, Shropshire Paul Middleton 15/01692/FUL
20/04/2016 Free Range Poultry Unit, Llanymynech, Powys Tudor Watkins P/2016/0154
17/04/2016 Farmhouse extension, Much Wenlock, Shropshire Paul Middleton 16/00694/FUL
13/04/2016 Certificate of Lawful Use for removal of an agricultural tie, Maesbrook, Shropshire Richard Corbett 15/05616/CPE
11/04/2016 Two detached dwellings, Worthen, Shropshire Paul Middleton 13/03219/OUT
06/04/2016 Four stables, Bicton, Shropshire Paul Middleton 16/00233/FUL
05/04/2016 Free Range Poultry shed extension, Montgomery, Powys Richard Corbett P/2015/1101
01/04/2016 Non Material Amendment to dwelling design, Churchstoke Gerallt Davies NMA/2016/0016
29/03/2016 Residential annex conversion, Pulverbatch, Shropshire Paul Middleton 16/00461/FUL
29/03/2016 Agricultural Building, Nr Welshpool, Powys Clare Jerman P/2016/0117
29/03/2016 Free Range Poultry Unit, Presteigne, Powys Gerallt Davies P/2015/0984
18/03/2016 Free Range Poultry Unit, Builth Wells, Powys Gerallt Davies P/2015/0979
17/03/2016 Agricultural Building, Four Crosses, Powys Richard Corbett P/2015/0992
16/03/2016 Footpath diversions, Llanidloes, Powys Clare Jerman  
16/03/2016 Free Range Poultry Unit, Trefeglwys, Powys Richard Corbett P/2015/0891
15/03/2016 Agricultural Building, Guilsfield, Powys Richard Corbett P/2016/0098
09/03/2016 Detached garages for barn conversion units, Albrightlee, Shropshire Paul Middleton 15/05240/FUL
09/03/2016 New agricultural building, Llandyssil, Powys Claudia Roberts P/2016/0053
09/03/2016 Free range poultry unit, Llanfair Caereinion, Powys Clare Jerman P/2015/0558
04/03/2016 Certificate of Lawful use commencement of dwelling, Newtown, Powys Gerallt Davies P/2015/1224
04/03/2016 Agricultural Building Prior Notification, Llansantffraid, Powys Richard Corbett AGRI/2016/0011
03/03/2016 New access driveway, Llansantffraid YM, Powys Richard Corbett P/2016/0073


Paul Middleton MCIAT or Roger Parry FRICS or 
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Tudor Watkins MRICS FAAV or Gerallt Davies BA MSc or Clare Williams MRICS FAAV or or
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