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Poultry Units and Bio mass boiler rooms

30th January 2017

Richard Corbett, Partner, and his planning team, Becky Bowen and Rosina Bloor, have been delighted with a number of approvals for large scale poultry units alongside biomass boiler applications during the past 12 months.

Richard Corbett said: “There are masses of exciting opportunities when it comes to poultry units and renewable energy. Roger Parry & Partners can take care of almost all aspects of the process of entering into the realms of renewable energy, from feasibility studies, planning processes, and the construction and commissioning of renewable energy scheme; whether they are individual or in partnership with larger operators.”

Two standout successes for 2016:

• Great Ness Poultry –

A Greenfield site at Kinton for four sheds and biomass boiler room

• Ystym Colwyn Farm –

A Greenfield site at Meifod for two sheds and biomass boiler room