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New Farm Equipment Grant Scheme Launched in England

7th February 2018

Roger Parry & Partners are alerting English farmers to a new £60m grant scheme which has been launched today to help fund purchases of new equipment. The Countryside Productivity Small Grant Scheme will be open to bids of between £3,000 and £12,000 to put towards equipment costs.

Clare Williams, Chartered Surveyor with Roger Parry & Partners said, “Farmers from every sector are eligible to apply for this new small grant scheme which the government has launched today in the hope that more farmers will be able to access equipment to embark on more innovative and ambitious projects.”

All the items included in this scheme have been identified as helping achieve improvements in either: animal welfare, resource efficiency or nutrient management. Grants can cover up to 40% of the eligible costs in the application. Items eligible for grant funding include: Cattle, sheep and pig handling facilities and other equipment, Calving Detectors, Cluster Flush, Badger Proof Feed Troughs, Calf Milk Dispenser/Pasteuriser, GPS for Precision Farming, Yield Mapping, Variable Rate Controller for Sprayers and Fertiliser Spreaders, GPS and Flow Systems, Nitrogen Level Sensors, Dribble Bar, Trailing Shoe and Slurry Systems, Shallow Injection Systems, Heat Recovery Plate, Hydraulic Ram Pumps, Seed Drills, Robotic Silage Pusher, Electric Scraper System, Grain Stirrers, Digital Weather Station and more but they cannot be second-hand.

The scheme falls under the wider Countryside Productivity Scheme and is funded through the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development via the Rural Development Programme for England.

Clare added, “The conditions for eligibility are quite stringent for this grant scheme. As always, we are here to help with understanding the application process and ensuring your application stands out in the competitive crowd. If you need our assistance please call one of our grant application specialists: Oswestry – Rosina Bloor: 01691 655334. Minsterley – Charis Denham: 01743 791336. Welshpool – Clare Williams: 01938 554499.”