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Glastir Small Grants Scheme

5th August 2016

The long-awaited Glastir Small Grants Scheme finally came to fruition this week with an announcement from Lesley Griffiths, Cabinet Secretary for Environment and Rural Affairs in Wales. The scheme will be open in sections, with the first opening being 27th June to 29th July 2016 for the Carbon Capital Works theme. This include grants for tree planting, coppicing, gapping up, hedge laying and orchard planting for up to £5000. The grants are only available to specific projects and applicants can also apply for supporting works which include post and wire fencing, post and rail fencing, water troughs, wooden stiles and scrub control. However, these must be applied for in conjunction with the main grants mentioned above. There is £1.5 million available to applicants and Expressions of Interest will allow people to apply for the scheme before each application is scored upon how far it reaches the scheme aims. The highest scoring applications will be successful.

Other themes include Adapting to Climate Change, Water Resource Management, Protecting the Landscape and Historic Environment and Reducing the Decline in Native Biodiversity. These are not open at the moment but we expect them to open later in the year.

For more information please contact Clare Jerman on 01938 554499.