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Welsh Government Funding update

4th May 2022

The Welsh Government Minister for Climate Change has announced on 1st April 2022 new financial packages up to £277 million for farmers, foresters, land managers and food businesses. This funding will be available over the next 3 years to support the resilience of the rural economy and the natural environment.

The packages will cover several themes to include all sectors within the rural industry which include:

  • Farm-scale land management
  • On-farm environmental improvements
  • On-farm efficiency and diversification
  • Landscape-scale land management
  • Woodland and forestry to include supporting the commitment of planting 43,000 hectares of woodland by 2030
  • Food and farming supply chains

The funding will reward farmers and land managers for their work with climate change challenges and nature emergencies whilst making food production sustainable and will work alongside the forthcoming Sustainable Farming Scheme.

We await full details for each of the grants including eligibility and funding amounts, but below is a summary of the new schemes.

Grants AvailableOpening DateWhat is it for?
Small Grant- EnvironmentalExpression of Interest in May 2022Support a range of land management interventions, providing capital support  for on-farm environmental improvements to enhance the quality of our natural  resources.
Small Grant- Growing for the EnvironmentExpression of Interest in June 2022Pilot scheme to encourage the growing of crops and pastures to provide an environmental benefit such as mixed leys and cover crops for benefits to the environment, biodiversity and production.
Organic Conversion SchemeExpression of Interest in July 2022Support farmers to convert to organic production.
Small Grants- EfficiencyExpression of Interest in May 2022Support investment in new equipment and technology to enhance the technical, financial and environmental performance of farm businesses.
Horticulture scheme- DevelopmentExpression of Interest in April 2022Provide support to Welsh horticulture.
Horticulture scheme- Start UpExpression of Interest in MaySupport new entrants into Welsh horticulture sector.
Nutrient Management Investment schemeExpression of Interest in July 2022Capital grants for infrastructure investment to enhance on-farm nutrient management and storage.
Small Grants- Yard CoveringsExpression of Interest in June 2022Capital grants available to enhance nutrient management through investing into  covering for existing farmyard infrastructure.
Woodland Creation – PlansOpen nowOffers of grants between £1,000 and £5,000 to develop plans for new woodland creation.
Woodland Creation- PlantingExpression of Interest in August 2022Support the Welsh Governments commitment of woodland expansion set out in net zero Wales and the Programme for Government commitments to create a National Forest for Wales.
Woodland RestorationOpen nowBased on the Glastir Scheme, part of the EU Rural Development Programme.

For further information and any further questions please call:

Welshpool- 01938 554499

Oswestry- 01691 655334