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Growing for the Environment Scheme

24th June 2022

Recent activity by the Welsh Government has seen the focus on supporting the rural economy and the transition to the Sustainable Farming Scheme.  Within this scheme it has seen the introduction of the Growing for the Environment Scheme, which has been funded to support the establishment of an unsprayed cover crop following autumn harvesting of cereals or maize where soil, after harvesting is ordinarily left bare or stubble retained.

The application window  for expression of interest (EOI) will open on 20th June 2022 and close on 29th July 2022 with a maximum of £5,000 available for each applicant if successful. To be eligible you must apply for at least 1 ha. The payment rate is £117 per hectare.

The schemes objectives are to support farmers to:

  • Reduce carbon and greenhouse gas emissions
  • Adapt to climate change and build greater resilience into farm businesses
  • Improve water quality and reduce flood risks
  • Contribute towards a reversal in the decline of Wales’ native biodiversity

To be eligible, you must be a primary producer of agricultural products, having 3ha of eligible agricultural land registered with the RPW in Wales, or be able to demonstrate over 550 standard labour hours. The RPW is also looking for any applicants to have done a soil test which has been undertaken in the 12 months prior to the application or to be undertaken.

If you have any more questions or would like to submit an EOI, please contact:

Oswestry Office- 01691 655334

Welshpool Office- 01938 554499