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Animal Health and Welfare Review

1st March 2023

The Animal Health and Welfare review is now available in England to sheep, beef, dairy and pig farmers who are eligible to apply.

You are eligible if you have one of the following:

  • 11 or more dairy cattle
  • 11 or more beef cattle
  • 21 or more sheep
  • 51 or more pigs

To apply, you must have a single business identifier (SBI) and a permanent or temporary CPH number registered in England. Currently the RPA are only inviting application from farmers who are eligible for BPS or are anticipating making a 2023 BPS claim.

The funding for the review is dependent on what livestock type you have and is as follows:

  • Beef Cattle – £522
  • Dairy Cattle – £372
  • Sheep – £436
  • Pig – £684

The review is likely to take between 2 and 3 hours of your time and the vet’s time to complete. You must ask the vet to test for certain livestock disease/condition (BVD in cattle, worming treatments for sheep and PRRS in pigs) and advise on health and welfare of your livestock. You may also want to discuss biosecurity and medicine use.

After the visit, the vet must provide you with a written report and a review summary of their findings. The review can be used for other accreditation schemes you may be a member of.

To register your interest for an animal health and welfare review there is form to complete online. You will need your CRN, SBI number and the business email address that is linked to the business. You must wait for an agreement from the RPA prior to the vets visit to be eligible for the funding.

To claim the funding for the review, you must submit a claim to the RPA with the date of the vet’s visit, the vet’s name and RCVS number, and the unique reference number for laboratory results within 6 months of receiving your agreement number.

For further information and advice on applications please contact your local office for further information:

Head Office Shrewsbury – 01743 791 336

Oswestry – 01691 655334

Welshpool – 01938 554499

Shrewsbury Residential – 01743 343343